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  • Re: Rust, looking for members to play with

    Rust differs from other survival games in two main elements, it is purely pvp centered, players kill on sight most of the time and there's pretty much no pve except for oil rigs, cargo ship, apc and helicopter which are gateways to endgame loot and are contested most of the time, also it has very short "midgame", typical rust wipe lasts
  • Rust, looking for members to play with

    Hey, as someone who loves to play survival games and especially rust, I would love to play with some likeminded individuals, unfortunatelly my rust group from years back moved on to different genres/platforms, so I though where best to look for non-toxic and trustworthy players then in our community I would like to put togeder group to occasionally
  • Re: Archeage Unchained

    I am worried about the pay to win side of this new server, since again it doesn't have account limitations unlike the server I am currently playing on, so the whales, instead of milking cash shop, will buy multiple accounts to make infinite labor. However I might be interested to switching to this server if they remove hiram gear (the main reason
  • Re: Eve Online!

    to throw in my two cents into the discussion, as a bittervet I don't want TAW EVE online unit to exist for two reasons: a) EVE is a complicated and deep game with many conflicting activities to choose from, it is literary impossible to run a corp that lets you to do anything from mission running to faction warfare or nullsec, let alone the fact
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