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  • Spellbreak, a fresh breath of air in the Battle Royale genre

    I have already submitted an interest form to Vanguard, with this post I hope to raise awareness and possible interest among TAW to bring this to Vanguard! :) About the game Spellbreak is an epic fantasy action-spellcasting game officially released last week, where players fight to become an all-powerful battlemage. Weave spectacular spell combinations
  • Valorant Newsletter September

    Greetings to all readers! Two patches dropped since the last newsletter, and there were some truly shocking changes made. Also we have a promotion. Let's get into it! PROMOTIONS EU BATTALION Hunedrout= Training Instructor Congratulations for your promotion, Hune! May you train fine shooters with sharp aim! GAME NEWS PATCH 1.06 The patch 1.06, dubbed
    Posted to Valorant (Weblog) by CultOfDarkness on 09-07-2020
  • Valorant Newsletter June #2

    Hello everyone! Less than 24 hours for the newest Valorant patch 1.02 to drop and there's a lot of changes coming. Information for all the main new tweaks and fixes is down below! PROMOTIONS In both EU and NA we had some promotions since last blog update! EU Battalion WhiteBambo > Squad Leader, GSG aphantom > PFC Swisho > PFC Opex >
    Posted to Valorant (Weblog) by CultOfDarkness on 06-23-2020
  • Valorant Newsletter June

    Good day to you all! As my first blog post as the new PIA, I thought about making this one as fresh as possible :) PROMOTIONS Both battalions saw some promotions recently, give a round of applause to the following people: EU Battalion Mwilson -> Executive Officer RbMatty -> Staff Officer ImDarkWolfie -> Server Administrator CultOfDarkness
    Posted to Valorant (Weblog) by CultOfDarkness on 06-09-2020
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