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  • Re: Hello new found online family

    You won't be disappointed I think then.They went the mythos way, they stay there I think. Just as the Greek, the Norse has a very rich mythological history, so I think they even went beserk with it haha. Just a few months of waiting and we'll see :D
  • Re: Hello new found online family

    Asassin's creed 2 was an absolute masterpiece. I think that was the first game that actually got me getting into lores again. I have been roaming every information I could find on him back then. I loved how they filled the story "gaps" with the short movies including that animated one that tells the final days of Ezio. Odyssey is also
  • Hello new found online family

    Hi all, nice to be in your ranks now. I am not very good in introductions, so yeah ;) Hi I am Amgedpha (or Limael) online and in real life called by the much easier pronounced name: Paul. 38 years of age at the time of writing this, use to work but lost my job due to this Mexican Beer Crisis. So a lot of time on my hands playing for the time being.
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