• Merry Christmas from PX Division

    To all of our TAW members, Phoenix Division wishes you a merry Christmas. Have a safe trip for those who drive! Enjoy this moment with your families all around the world, or with your friends. May you receive everything you ever wished, and be surprised by the unexpected! Sincerely yours, PX Division
  • Re: Soul Kingdoms Update

    This project is a major event for our community. I would strongly encourage the participation from our members and I can only already thank the strong dedication shown to organize all of this. Such projects require a lot of investment, research, talks and much more. Getting in touch with developers, allowing TAW members to be their privileged alpha
    Posted to TAW Recruiting Division (Forum) by NobSya on 23/12/2021
  • Re: Fallen TAW Member

    I am deeply saddened to hear that, my sincere condolences go to his TAW friends, friends and family.
    Posted to Vanguard Discussion and Questions (Forum) by NobSya on 03/11/2021
  • Re: Looking to Return

    Greetings Pyrrus ! Nice to have old members rejoining in :)
    Posted to Star Citizen (Forum) by NobSya on 14/08/2021
  • Re: TAW - Why Did You Join?

    Hey there ! To be completely honest with you, I just saw a light and I entered ! I remember typing "War Thunder Looking for a Squadrons" and saw FlyingDutchman posts on Gaijin's forums. So I decided to have a look at the website and also I was disappointed by the website on first look, I love the military structure that TAW has. So I signed
  • Re: Howdy From Kentucky!

    Hey there ! Welcome to TAW, I’m glad you stopped by and I’ll make sure to give you a “howdy” the next time I see you online ! Welcome again, you should definitely enjoy your stay ;)
  • Summoners War - Looking for members

    Greetings fellow TAW companions, Well, I recently got into Summoners War but I couldn't find any proof that this game ever existed within TAW. Therefore, I assumed that no guild existed for that game. Would anyone be interested in creating a guild, to just chill and progress though the game under the banner of our beloved community ? If so, please
  • Re: Any way to automatically excuse for events?

    Hey mate, I can't agree more with Ravenger, you have to tell your CoC. Make sure to contact Ceud since you haven't been assigned a Squad yet. Ceud is the Staff Officer there so he manages members when it comes to attendance, he won't say no and is a nice guy ;) Once you get assigned to a squad though, make sure to make to assess your situation
    Posted to War Thunder (Forum) by NobSya on 17/06/2021
  • Re: Sorry for my absence.

    I wish the of recoveries. Take your time, rest and get well! Don't you worry, IRL matters at TAW so I'm pretty sure that everybody there understands you. See ya!
    Posted to War Thunder (Forum) by NobSya on 02/06/2021
  • Re: Stepping down from clan

    Get well mate, take your time to settle everything down and feel free to come back! I won't be wrong saying that WAR will always welcome you back with great pleasure. I wish you the best of luck in your research, take care.
    Posted to War Thunder (Forum) by NobSya on 02/06/2021
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