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  • Minecraft On The Block! + Contest

    On The Block - First Week of November 5th November 2017 “No you're doing it all wrong you need to use Mekanism!...” - Blueoo 2017 Announcements : The halloween event has officially ended and we thank everyone for taking place with our new NC system! Faction Server begins remodel! Our new Creative Server is open SPACE AGE! Due infinity
    Posted to Minecraft (Weblog) by Bamsen on 11-05-2017
  • [MC] Testers 1.12

    Greetings, TAWCrafters!!!! Below if you are interested in testing please write down what you would like to test and what days your willng to test and times, this way we got a list of people who will have Whitelist access to the new server and we can divvy out the server work for testing! TEMPLATE Server you would like to test on: Moded, Survival, Creative
    Posted to Minecraft (Forum) by Bamsen on 08-01-2017
  • [MC] Server Plugins & Ideas

    As you are all aware after this meeting it was announced by the staff that we will be upgraded servers and wiping them, this brings a new era to our Division Servers, with this we would like to know what plugins and different features you would like to see Please add your comments below. Colonel - Bamsen Server Tech
    Posted to Minecraft (Forum) by Bamsen on 07-22-2017
  • OneViking 2 Years of service!

    A Celebration is in honor of the amazing and dedicated member of TAW. OneViking who has time and time shown his efforts and 100% support to his teams, I've worked with him now for over 6 months and its a privilege to give him his two year medal! Thank you for your countless hours working with our teams and being an outstanding TAW Community member
  • iRacing

    iRacing is a subscription racing simulation released by Motorsport Simulations in 2008. Games and tournaments are run through the company's servers. Gameplay simulates realistic cars, tracks, and racing events, and encourages players to stay in character by using their real names and enforcing rules of conduct modeled on real auto racing
    Posted to Vanguard Discussion and Questions (Forum) by Bamsen on 11-14-2016
  • StarMade Recruitment Drive!

    StarMade Recruitment Drive! STR Division invites everyone on an amazing journey of a recruitment drive! We are opening this up to the TAW.NET Community so everyone get a chance to see our servers and our great members as well as get to play and have fun! Prize : 20$ Steam Card! Begins : OCT 1st 2016 Ends : Nov 6th 2016 Rules : Simple recruit members
    Posted to Talisac's Tabloids (Weblog) by Bamsen on 10-01-2016
  • [STR] StarMade Contest & Server Stress Test

    [STR] StarMades Horizon game in Vanguard are conducting a contest and stress test. CONTEST: Through July 28th Until Midnight we will be taking contest entry pictures for StarMade designs first place & runner up announced at our Mandatory Meeting on Friday July 29th 8PM EST FIRSTP LACE 10$ Steam Card SECOND PLACE 5$ Steam Card RULES: Players MUST
    Posted to Vanguard Discussion and Questions (Forum) by Bamsen on 07-25-2016
  • Re: Exploration game im working on ideas are welcome :)

    My company is developing a game and I'm currently making a MMO and on green gt wilight steam also if you need any help please email me Been in the business 8 years Looks great man Bamsen Thanks for all the fish
  • Re: TAW New ALC

    Congrats SUB always an honor to be in your presence as you been their with many of us for the long run and now your really in for the long run, or they just are trying to keep you out of lifetime =p Loves man
  • [ARC] ArcheAge Open Beta Launch Party!

    Join us in the launch! Greeting's Bamsen here! Join me in TeamSpeak for TAW'S new unit "ArcheAge" a new Free to play MMORPG! Launch Party Event. The games goes Open Beta today, and we want to have a blast when it happens! Play chat and have fun. You can visit the official Countdown at
    Posted to Talisac's Tabloids (Weblog) by Bamsen on 09-03-2014
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