• Re: Practice Ideas - Scenarios

    I'd love to play some more objectives this week - Convoy was great and I'd like to try out the Salvage mode hammer has. I also went ahead and tweaked some of the details for the King of the Hill modes and Guard Duty. Balance wise Guard Duty is easy, but King of the Hill might need a few test maches for the tonnage limits and times to be balanced
    Posted to Mechwarrior Online (Forum) by Sparker on 21/07/2015
  • Re: Practice Ideas - Scenarios

    First off I just wanted to say thanks to Hammer for taking the initiative and legwork to come up with this - it was a lot of fun last week and I look forward to more! Since you asked for feedback I did have one issue I was a bit puzzled on: How exactly do the tonnage limits work? I played both on attacking and Defending and was told both times it was
    Posted to Mechwarrior Online (Forum) by Sparker on 14/07/2015
  • Re: Interest in Dirty Bomb? [F2P FPS]

    Anyone who is interested should submit that spin-up form! I think this would be a great addition to the organization and would love to play some dirty bomb with TAW! In the meantime, does anyone want to get a steam group together to try out some of the competitive mode? I've tooled around a bit with it with two friends and it's been a very rewarding
  • Re: Interest in Dirty Bomb? [F2P FPS]

    Looks like a good deal of interest in the game, in general - especially since the Dirty Cup just ended. The reddit, official forums and steam forums have lots of people clamoring to join up with a clan. I'll go ahead and shoot over a Spin Up application to Vanguard, from the sounds of it we should have enough folks interested to at least make a
  • Interest in Dirty Bomb? [F2P FPS]

    Hey folks, I'm curious how much interest might be drummed up over Dirty Bomb, Splash Damage's new free to play FPS? These are the same guys behind Enemy Territory, Quake Wars, and Brink and the gameplay really shows the influences from those previous titles. The game just recently went live and SD just put out an E3 trailer for the game [Warning
  • Re: How were you recruited into TAW?

    Far Cry 1. I was goofing around with another engineer, we were hanging back in our spawn and playing with our bombs. He ran off, I assumed to join the fight, and I kept tossing bombs around, throwing one down in the middle of this dirt path. Lo and behold, the other engineer turns up right as I throw down the bomb. He was in a buggy and drove up to
  • Re: Ayyyyyyyy

    Hello, hope you enjoy your stay.
  • Re: Guns of Icarus Online

    Great game, and a solid choice for TAW possibly adopting it. Heck, If that happened I might actually have to push myself into rejoining. How could I resist flying the skies with you lot? :)
  • Re: Welcome

    I love the TAW History section. Overall interface looks very smooth. Great job
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