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  • Re: "This is War" - game development

    If you are looking for help with game development, look me up in teamspeak. I have a bachelors in game development from Full Sail and have experience using UE4 and Unity. I am fluent in c++ and c#,
  • Conan Exiles Twitch Interview Today at 3PM EST!

    Gammasutra will be intervviewing Funcom's Joel Bylos, creative director on Conan: Exiles today at 3PM EDT! Head over to their twitch channel: .
  • Re: Conan Exiles Patch Notes

    Patch changelog: TL;DR (Patch Highlights) NEW CONTENT: Added a new dungeon "The Dregs" Re-enabled the hammer secondary attack Disabled 2H spear secondary attack Further tweaks to NPC camps (especially capitals) to allow them to respawn even if players have built close by Binding to a bedroll now respawns player correctly on death Upgrading
  • Conan Exiles Interview.... A MUST READ!

    In this interview the Devs talk about Thursdays upcoming patch and discuss in detail future plans for the purge, biomes, and other good stuff! Check it out here .
  • Re: Conan Exiles Patch Notes

    PATCH 14.03.2017 MARCH 14 - COMMUNITY MANAGER (JENS ERIK) A new patch is out! Please restart your games and update your servers to make sure you're on the latest version. Changelog: TL;DR (Patch Highlights) EXPLOIT FIX: Fixed a case where you could respawn inside rocks EXPLOIT FIX: Fixed the rock-jump exploit Fixed a server crash related to database
  • conan Exiles New Blog- things to come!

    [quote] Dear exiles Conan Exiles has been a massive success for Funcom, selling over 480 000 copies in the first 30 days, and staying as #1 on Steam’s Global Top Seller list for over two weeks. We really couldn’t have done it without our fantastic community of fans and players giving us feedback, providing us with some much needed bug reports
  • Re: Conan Exiles Patch Notes

    PATCH 23.02.2017 FEBRUARY 23 - COMMUNITY MANAGER (ANDY B) A new patch has been released, and it's a big one! Please restart your games and make sure your community servers are updated. TL;DR (Patch Highlights) Known Issue: Yellow Lotus Potions sometimes have no effect. This will be fixed as quickly as possible, and in the meantime we recommend not
  • Re: Conan Exiles Patch Notes

    PATCH 21.2.2017 Community Announcements - Community Manager (Jens Erik) Patch 21.02.2017 A new patch has been released! Please restart your game to make sure you have the latest version! Changelog: Performance and Tech Fixes Fixed long load times into main menu after PC restart Rolled out a fix for players occasionally being sent to main menu while
  • Re: Conan Exiles Patch Notes

    HOTFIX 18.2.2017 A hotfix has been released. Please restart your games and update your servers. We once again recommend that server owners change the admin password once their servers are updated. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you and your respective communities. Bugs and Fixes Fixed a vulnerability with server administrator
  • Re: Conan Exiles Patch Notes

    PATCH 17.2.2017 Community Announcements - Community Manager (Andy B) A new patch has been released! Please restart your game to make sure you have the latest version! NOTICE Due to an issue, all server admins are recommended to change their server's administrator password as soon as their servers are updated to the latest version. Changelog: Performance
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