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  • Star Trek Online

    Hi Guys, If memory serves, TAW used to have a STO division, Seeing as the game itself is loosing members I can only assume that the division died out from the same reason, I was wondering however, are there any remnants of said Division - are there anyt FED or KDF side Fleets that are run by TAW members that I could join?
  • Re: Euro Truck Sim 2

    I play the game a lot and I enjoy it a lot as well. However, as a person involved in spinups in the past, I fail to see how this game will function as a division in TAW and I'll elaborate: The multiplayer functionality of the game is not yet implemented by the developers themselves (SCS) but is rather a fan made version of the game. Granted, these
  • Re: Automatic fetch from FTP

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, but real life took it's toll on my free time. Ok, Let us proceed. First and foremost, is it a linux server or a windows one? if it's a linux server, is it Shell only or does it have a GUI? (an OS Version would be nice as well) How do you normally export said DEM files? as detailed as you can please
    Posted to Tech Talk and General Support (Forum) by davsank on 15.01.2017
  • Re: Gump Stories

    My CO and I got into a bit of an argument over website permissions, he claimed he should be able to demote me even though I'm of a higher rank (me being a LTC and my CO being a CPT) while I - (believing that our website backend designer envisioned such a case would not allow an officer to demote an officer with a higher rank) said he could not!
  • Re: Automatic fetch from FTP

    Let's start with the basics: Is it a shared server or a VPS owned by TAW? If it's owned by us, do you have FULL administrative access? (Administrator account for Windows or Root account for linux) Do you have an automated process of exporting the DEM files at all?
    Posted to Tech Talk and General Support (Forum) by davsank on 14.12.2016
  • Re: EDU Online Courses Update

    As my colleagues Rekon and MrHazz pointed out, We are tirelessly working on bringing the best content possible to you in a timely manner. While the position courses are being revised by the Chain of Command, I'd like to once again let you all know that the Security Awareness test (Which is required in order to hold ANY position within TAW), and
  • Re: Hello Hello

    Hi mate, Welcome to our humble little community :)
  • Re: Security badge etc

    [quote user="SnapShot"] Here are all the classes that EDU are running - - I believe only the Information Specialist and Security Awareness classes are currently available (Please correct me if I'm wrong). [/quote] That's Correct. The Security Awareness and the Information Specialist are available on
    Posted to Tech Talk and General Support (Forum) by davsank on 06.11.2016
  • Re: TAW Academy Online Classes

    I would like to point out However that the Security Awareness and Information Specialist test are up and should be accessible for anyone with a valid user on the Open Learning Website. So if you are Holding a position (Any position what so ever) and you still haven't completed the Security Awareness exam and gotten your badge, now is the time (As
  • Re: Poetry!

    Roses are red; so is bacon; poetry is hard; bacon
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