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  • News and Updates: June 2018!!!

    MWO still exists and is still releasing newish content: More retrofits, more balance, and more bolt-ons! In other MWO news there is a poll: This is a poll about the future of quickplay. For those who don't remember the
    Posted to Mechwarrior Online (Forum) by HammerSwarm on 06-07-2018
  • Free stuff

    If I read this right they're giving away free stuff to anyone who plays a match on December 27th
    Posted to Mechwarrior Online (Forum) by HammerSwarm on 12-15-2017
  • Re: Practice Ideas - Scenarios

    Man after playing fox and hound this week I remembered these, I still think over complicated game mode A sounds fun.
    Posted to Mechwarrior Online (Forum) by HammerSwarm on 11-27-2017
  • Re: New Games

    I play Paragon. If you're looking for a guy to play some rounds with send me a message on here or look me up in game, my tag is the same.
  • MWO: New Skill Tree Q & A

    PGI have given us a sneak peak at upcoming changes to skill trees the TLDR; The old skills system is gone and with it the three variant requirement new players found oppressive. Replacing it is a vast skill tree with 91 points to spend and 237 choices. After existing
    Posted to Mechwarrior Online (Forum) by HammerSwarm on 05-14-2017
  • New MWO roadmap

    As usual, now is the best time to be playing MWO! If you haven't played this great game you should, and if you are playing this great game check out what's coming. . New mechs, new modes, and more UI improvements. Thanks for thinking about mech warrior! -Hammer
    Posted to Mechwarrior Online (Forum) by HammerSwarm on 01-20-2017
  • Big Changes coming to MWO

    Big changes are coming to MWO!!! Boom! Patch notes. We're getting new mechs, a new map, and a new game mode all in one patch! As well as an update to the mechanics of community warfare. Escort Mode is a new game mode where you escort an AI controlled Atlas from point A
    Posted to Mechwarrior Online (Forum) by HammerSwarm on 12-11-2016
  • Re: Paragon

    I still play this game like every day, anyone else in taw play? HammerSwarm in game.
  • Re: New Router? What is best?

    It is the old standard, I have a vintage fuse box and everything. It's not optional I know.
  • New Router? What is best?

    I knew the Taw forums would have an opinion, or experts, or both. I recently got married and moved into a beautiful 1950s ranch style home. My wonderful wife and I allocated the spare bedrooms and set up our office in a bedroom with no cable jacks. When I discussed with her putting in a cable jack for the modem in that room she suggested that I go wireless
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