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  • Re: Riders of Icarus

    Hello Demonox. What you can do, is to show your interest in that game here: I see that this game only have 3604 players worldwide for the last few weeks, so it may be hard to recruit new members for this game into TAW while there is a lot of up and running
  • Re: Earthshaker - Default Madness ... coming soon ...

    I would be interested to play with you guys when we dont have our mandatories in WarFRAME, and play the Sniper role if noone else is playing that.
    Posted to Warface (Forum) by Redsword on 01-11-2017
  • Re: LittleZigge

    Welcome to TAW LittleZigge! Unity is a fun program to work around with :-) I see that you applied to TAW right now, and you will recieve a email from your Drill Instructor with further information. You will recieve TeamSpeak info and everything you need to know before you start your TAW Career! Again welcome to the TAW family! Have fun and make a lot
  • Attitude and Behaviour - Advices

    Hello everyone in TAW, We are a big community, and together we can proceed having TAW a great place to be for newcomers and former members. We need to look out for eachother since we are all family and brothers in arms and with that i want to address some ways to change bad attitude to the better. I have been a young gamer myself back in the days when
  • Re: Hi Im new i need a little help

    Hey LegendRO and welcome to the TAW family! Since you have applied to the Paladins Division, there is someone in a position called "Drill Instructor" who will contact you and give you details. They will bring you in on TeamSpeak and do a introduction with you where they explain what TAW is and stand for and what the Paladins Division do. So
    Posted to Paladins (Forum) by Redsword on 01-04-2017

    Hey AbiAkaGobby :-) The most efficient way to make it happen is to send them a request through this form: Vanguard Request Form It is best to do, so the logistics is correct and that the CoC in VG will pick it up much faster. Good luck!
  • Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays!

    Hello everyone in TAW! It is soon christmas, and i want say happy holidays and merry christmas to all of you. TAW is all about family and friendship.. we are all in a big family and together we will help out eachother to have a fun time so we can seperate IRL with gaming time. i hope you all will have a good christmas, and trust me.. if you are not
  • TAW Warframe - Dojo Meetup

    Hello all of TAW! Warframe had a big event tonight with christmas giveaways and a close up for this year. I just want to thank you all in Warframe for sticking with us and joining events with us. Let us go into the holidays relaxing with our families and go into the next year! Merry christmas and happy new year from the Warframe Division!
  • TAW Shop - Got my swag!

    Hello! Just wanted to mention that our TAW Shop is awesome. I ordered this shirt a few days ago, and the shipping was really quick. Tried it on me and here it is. Fitting smoothly for the young Redsword! I would encourage everyone to take a look at our TAW shop and find your Swag! Be TAW irl as well! Going to wear this at work and be proud of what i
  • Re: War Thunder is the biggest in TAW!

    +1 Constance. Having a decent number (let say 60+) means you have a quality Division with good leaders and active members.
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