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  • Re: Yeah Anticheat

    Lol - Wow. Have a look at this and decide whether or not you want to remain in TAW.
    Posted to Warface (Forum) by Minion on 03-23-2017
  • Re: Warface Repair Costs

    In my opinion, this is just an economic tactic, designed to frustrate players who choose to use lower level gear rather than spend real money, which is what will be required by those who choose to continue using top tier armor for the advantages it provides. Eventually their game accounts will reach zero and they'll have to make a choice. This smells
    Posted to Warface (Forum) by Minion on 03-21-2017
  • Re: New TAW INS Video - Muzzle Made a Map!

    I want that suppressor!! It's HUUUUUUGE !!!! You should make a custom suppressor for that map, from a 2-Liter bottle, duct-taped to the end of the barrel. Might I suggest Mountain Dew? Another option might be the varitable silencer made from just shoving a potato on the end of your weapon. If you could pull that off graphically, it would make for
    Posted to Insurgency (Forum) by Minion on 03-19-2017
  • Re: Tale of Two Guilds

    Thank you for posting King. Hopefully people will start showing interest soon. Looking forward to hearing how the game goes.
    Posted to Tabletop Role-play (Forum) by Minion on 03-13-2017
  • Re: Sound in game

    I highly recommend the Sennheiser Game Zero headset. That's what I use. The comfort level is second to none. The Game Zero is a closed back design, so not much sound gets in from outside. The Game One headset is an open back design. If you prefer an open back design, you'll get more ambient sound from around you. Depends on if you need to hear
    Posted to Insurgency (Forum) by Minion on 03-02-2017

    Wow. That's just crazy. I hope they get on it quick Gamma.
    Posted to Warface (Forum) by Minion on 02-22-2017
  • Warface Blog Test 2

    Testing the Warface blog - Write a blog post.
    Posted to Warface (Weblog) by Minion on 02-13-2017
  • Warface Blog Test

    This is a test of the new Warface blog.
    Posted to Warface (Weblog) by Minion on 02-13-2017
  • Re: double fail.

    I will try this (when the servers come back up from whatever fix they're applying), and keep you posted. Thanks Rage
    Posted to Warface (Forum) by Minion on 02-09-2017
  • Re: double fail.

    I completely agree Ninja. Keep in mind, anything you get back on the forums is not likely an "official" response. It's probably just random people trolling the forums, or a very frustrated support admin letting off some steam. Don't let it get to you. I still can't play at all because when I log in, it wants me to create a new
    Posted to Warface (Forum) by Minion on 02-08-2017
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