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  • Starcraft 1v1 team league starting of this week

    Hello everyone, This week we kick of the Starcraft 1v1 team league that will be running for the coming months up until March/April with players competing together in a team vs other teams corresponding players of around equal level. We are glad for the large amount of participation already and there is still a week left (sign up closes next Monday)
    Posted to StarCraft 2 (Weblog) by Dreamus on 10-10-2017
  • Re: New CLC"s

    Nice one, I'm sure both will continue to do a great job just like they did up in SOCOP! :)
    Posted to StarCraft 2 (Forum) by Dreamus on 10-02-2017
  • Re: International Student - Help

    Sweden really depends on where you are going, the apartment situation in Stockholm is really bad, if you don't already know how you will get a hold of an apartment it might be rough, the other cities are a bit better but it's not Stockholm of course (I live in Stockholm so of course I believe it's one of the best cities) ^^ If I compare
  • Starcraft barcraft in Sweden with tournament 28th of July

    Hello everyone, Starcraft is one of those game that really caught my eye at an early age but it is quite exhausting to be honest and at times frustrating which I think everyone that has played Starcraft at some point can agree on. The game is a lot of fun when you get into it though but if you are playing on your own it can be hard to stay really interested
    Posted to StarCraft 2 (Weblog) by Dreamus on 07-27-2017
  • Organizing for the heroes of the storm tournament

    Hello everyone, I made a facebook post and took it up during brief, heroes of the storm will be hosting a tournament and of course Starcraft should represent! Would be good if we could organize 1-2 teams. So far I have the following sign ups that I remember, my thought is that we divide into one more "serious" and one more casual team if we
    Posted to StarCraft 2 (Forum) by Dreamus on 07-04-2017
  • Re: DESTINY 2 VG Game of the Week

    Of course taw should have this! Blizzard as partner, can't go wrong! Trailed looked really good, probably going to test it out myself and play with some taw members
  • Re: Time to introduce and some questions

    Hey mate and welcome, anyone can join in. Just be on teamspeak at start of the event and you will get the sign up information. Kind regards Dreamus
    Posted to StarCraft 2 (Forum) by Dreamus on 05-15-2017
  • Conclusion of Swiss Playoffs (6th of May at 4 PM CEST)

    Hello everyone, Here is the preliminary schedule for Saturday 6th of May that will be the day for the semi, bronze and finals matches for both upper and lower bracket for the swiss playoffs. We will start the stream on at 4 PM CEST and take the matches according to the schedule if none of the players requests their match
    Posted to StarCraft 2 (Weblog) by Dreamus on 05-05-2017
  • Swiss playoffs Round of 8 - 22nd of April on TAWTV

    Starcraft has during the last three months every second Monday held a Swiss tournament where the players has been able to gather points based on their placement. It's now time to see for both brackets who will be the winner of the top 8 players in both lower and higher bracket of the Swiss tournaments. We will be playing these starting at 12 PM
    Posted to StarCraft 2 (Weblog) by Dreamus on 04-21-2017
  • Re: Tryin to join

    Hello and welcome MasterFarmer, just as SnapShot said your application is correct and I welcome you to the Starcraft division, a member will be assigned to you most likely later today that will do the introduction to the clan with you. Looking forward to seeing you around. Kind regards Dreamus Starcraft II Division Commander
    Posted to StarCraft 2 (Forum) by Dreamus on 04-06-2017
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