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  • June Newsletter

    Hello again, this is to be June’s Monthly newsletter. I apologize for being a bit into the month but work has been a killer. Getting on with it, here in LL we want to to hear your TAW stories. If you would like to share a short story on who you are, how you found out about TAW, why/when you joined TAW, and what makes you happy to be apart of the
    Posted to League of Legends (Weblog) by Abhac on 06-10-2016
  • LL 2 1v1 Tournament, May, 22nd 2016

    Written by SonicV [LL 2XO] - Forwarded to TheShreckoning [LL 2FS], Hazbot [LL 2CO] for initial approval and to Division Command for prizes / final approval. Date of Event: 22/05/2016 Time of Event: 15:00 EEST Participation: Every TAW Full Member (PFC+) is eligible to participate. Start time is set at 15.00 EEST (Time is subject to change if organizing
    Posted to League of Legends (Weblog) by Abhac on 05-15-2016
  • LoL-5v5(4/10)

    The Art of Warfare Blogs: Division Blogs LoL 5v5 Tournament Simple rules are as follows: Map Type: Summoner's Rift Format: 5v5 (Team Registration is allowed) Tournament Type: Double Elimination Restrictions: Highest Ranking Eligible player - Diamond 1 Server: EUW Start time: (Check in) 1300 CEST - 1400 CEST Before the Tournament: Be sure to register
    Posted to League of Legends (Weblog) by Abhac on 04-09-2016
  • Re: New to TAW

    Welcome to TAW. Glad to have you with us.
    Posted to World of Warplanes (Forum) by Abhac on 04-03-2016
  • Re: Insurgency on Sale for $2

    Thanks for the heads up!
  • That waiting time

    So, just did the Information Specialist test. I recommend to any TAW member, if you haven't get it done. It is a great way to gain a basic understanding of the community you're apart of. It was hard to find the link so : Above is the
  • Re: Hi. zxTrodxz here. I'm new

    Welcome to TAW mate. Hope you have a great time as I myself have, and many others I know!
    Posted to Heroes and Generals (Forum) by Abhac on 03-02-2016
  • Treasury

    The links in the treasury tab in TS are not working properly. Could a member please contact me through TAW? I have some questions regarding donations, and also was advised to talk to someone. Thank you,
    Posted to TAW-Related Support - Public (Forum) by Abhac on 03-02-2016
  • Re: TS guests

    After rereading I am seeing everyone's confusion and defensiveness. So to explain. I was stating that a guest is limited, so in response to Qmart I mentioned it would be useless for them to just "hang out." I hope this points some of your minds at ease.
    Posted to TAW-Related Support - Public (Forum) by Abhac on 02-13-2016
  • Re: TS guests

    Okay, before some one else comments on this. NO POLICY OR REGULATION WAS IN QUESTION. I did not receive an email on the password change, the new password was the issue I was experiencing. The forum is done, the customer is satisfied. Thank you for everyone's help.
    Posted to TAW-Related Support - Public (Forum) by Abhac on 02-13-2016
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