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  • Re: CrossOut Patch

    I was leading the charge please nerf shotguns and drones. Posted on their forums and in chat many times that shotguns and drones was op, and now that they have actually nerfed both am I happy nope. Everybody is either running cannon/rockets or mini guns. That's just proof that you cannot make a gamer happy.
  • H1Z1 King of the Kill

    H1Z1 King of the Kill I was just wondering if anyone plays this game. With 140k daily players, it is a very popular game. Vanguard has made several attempts to promote this game because of its high player base, but we have not had much success. With the success of Players Unknown Battlegrounds we decided to give it another try. If you would like to
  • Re: Anarchy Online - Now Free to Play, and on Steam

    Wow I thought Anarchy Online closed down years ago. I played this game at launch, and the game had many issues on launch day. I have played it several times i since launch, but I was unaware that is was still online. Thanks for the post it has brought back a lot of fun memories of me and my brother playing this game. I might have to check it out now
  • Re: Doz saying goodbye

    It always sad to see a TAW member leave, but real life comes first. Don't work to hard and we will see you on the flip side. cheers mate.
    Posted to Star Wars The Old Republic (Forum) by zenmire on 06-09-2017
  • Re: Stellaris Looking for Players

    I don't have a problem with playing on friday, but we have mix of eu and na players and it would half to be early afternoon friday esp for the west cost. Tomorrow just meeting up and going to work on the date/time, but if we can friday work we will On a separate note. I need to reschedule the meeting for 3:30 est 7:30 gmt because i have a spin up
  • Stellaris Looking for Players

    I am putting together a Stellaris game night. My plan is to get as many members as we can, and play Stellaris. We will meet every week and play for 2 to 4 hours until the game is over. I am holding a meeting this weekend in Vanguard channels to discuss the details of this fun event. If this is something you want to be a part of come the meeting this

    Their is not real set time for me. I haven't been playing it that much since I don't want to get burned out before the game launches. All my hard work is going to be wiped in a month. I do try to get only around 3pm est 7 pm gmt till late at night most days.

    I agree with not playing to much now, but at the same time I think now is the time to start trying to build up a team. Their are already some big clans in the game. Anyone who wants to see this game in TAW please fill our the INTEREST FORM or contact any VG staff.

    I have been playing around with different parts of the game. This game has a big learning curve, but im getting it slowly. It really reminds me of runescape. My friend and I have a guild set up, and several building at t4 level. We could always use more members.
  • Re: day z only option

    Hello Zerkr glad to see your coming back to TAW. If want to play with Star Citizen our events are on Sunday at 3pm est/ 7pm gm and Tuesdays at 4pm est/ 8pm GMT. See you in the Verse mate.
    Posted to DayZ (Forum) by zenmire on 05-27-2017
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