TAW's Biennial CIC Election has begun. Read more on how to take part on our Wiki. - Deathwing
  • Phoenix Division is looking for You!

    About Phoenix We are a unit within Operations dedicated to serve the whole community when they need us. We provide our knowledge and experience to games who are struggling to maintain their viability by providing them with guidance and training. We also support TAW’s current and future leadership needs by working with TAW University in providing
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by ThaEazy on 17/01/2022
  • Re: Introducing... Me!

    Welcome to TAW my fellow countryman :) Enjoy your stay and I hope you will find your way in TAW this time around. Greets!
  • TAW University is looking for you!

    TAW University is seeking highly motivated members of TAW to fill positions within the Division. Who are we? TAW University (TU) is a very important part of TAW's infrastructure and our responsibilities play a big role in the development of all TAW members. Our job is to teach, create and publish resources so that all units of TAW may use these
    Posted to TAW University (Weblog) by ThaEazy on 27/04/2021
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