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  • Re: [MC] Server Plugins & Ideas

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Slimefun, Lockette, Egg catcher, /back, /sethome, /warp Bottle exp. /rtp I would like to know are these set by us, are really random? -------------------- Unless something better Jobs, Levels, Money I would like to see a treasure chest where we can pick resources, eggs, are money. ---------------------
    Posted to Minecraft (Forum) by Moonbeams on 08-11-2017
  • Re: [MC] Testers 1.12

    Server you would like to test on: Moded, Survival, Creative, Factions {ALL} Days your open to test: Mon - Sunday {mostly all day everyday}
    Posted to Minecraft (Forum) by Moonbeams on 08-01-2017
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