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  • Re: Corpse 10yrs in TAW

    Surprised that a Corpse lying around for so long hasn't start stinkin' yet... LOL! Congrats on your 10 years
  • EDU wants to hear from YOU!

    Hello guys kareltjee here... former Division Commander of TAW Education Center and now, together with other former and current DC's of EDU, wanting to hear your opinion on a topic that has always been very diversified amongst our members within this community. Namely, "What is the way of learning that should be applied to this community?"
    Posted to TAW Education Center (Weblog) by kareltjee on 04-14-2019
  • EDU needs YOUR help.. with a brand new concept!

    Important: We invite anyone to come talk to us in our channels to better understand and to learn more about this idea. TAW Community Panel - Positions For a little while now, EDU has caught up on whispers of people missing the old way of how classes were done. For those of you who are new here, or simply not aware; in the past, positions were taught
    Posted to TAW Education Center (Weblog) by kareltjee on 02-23-2019
  • Should I spend the holidays with family or TAW?

    Click here to check out the exact time of the event: TAW Community Panel - Holiday Season Q&A: Sunday December 2nd 2018, 8PM UTC Every year, usually in December around Christmas time, TAW will enter a holiday period - mandatory sessions will become optional. How should Battalion and Division staff manage their units
    Posted to TAW Education Center (Weblog) by kareltjee on 11-23-2018
  • TAW U - Recruiting (November 17th @ 8PM UTC) **REPLACED**

    ** REPLACED ** To avoid conflict with TFO/CC Meetings, the TAW U date has been changed to the 17th of November instead of the 18th * * REPLACED ** TAW EDU is excited to announce the next University class will be held on November 17th, at 8PM UTC. Recruiting, now more than ever, is TAW's most important topic. It is the foundation of TAW, and allows
    Posted to TAW Education Center (Weblog) by kareltjee on 11-10-2018

    [quote user="SteveBrown"] Greetings! As you requested i just finished filling in your survey. But i have a request of myself. could you send me the results of the report that you are making? I'm very interested what people around our age are thinking about this subject because i'm doing almost the same study as you do(, i think).

    Hello everyone! kareltjee here, asking you guys for a little favor... As part of my bachelor's thesis I am looking for millennials (17-30 years) and the extent to which they are busy with their carefree old age. Completing this survey will take no longer than 5-10 minutes and the results will be processed in all anonymity. Sharing it with acquaintances
  • PIA & FS Class Improved and Updated!

    EDU is proud to announce that we have updated not one but TWO (!) classes: ⮚ Public Information Administrator and Field Specialist. The Public Information Adminstrator role has undergone some notable changes since the course was last updated. Perhaps the most important change is the fact that PIAs act more autonomously than in the past - much of the
    Posted to TAW Education Center (Weblog) by kareltjee on 10-29-2018
  • EDU is searching for experienced TFO's!

    EDU is searching for experienced TFO's! It is time to update the TFO course on OpenLearning. In order to do this, EDU needs experienced TFO's to contribute their knowledge and expertise. Working together, the updated class will have future TFO's get a standardized foundation to build upon and can help them lead TAW to success for years to
    Posted to TAW Education Center (Weblog) by kareltjee on 10-28-2018
  • EDU's Online Courses... what commendations do you hand out?

    ✅ Commendations related to EDU ✅ Occasionally, incorrect commendations are awarded for the completion of EDU classes, or EDU commendations are awarded to members for the wrong reasons. In this article, we hope to clarify when EDU commendations should and should not be used. ⮚ A simple, basic overview can be found on our Wiki page - Link ⮚ A more in
    Posted to TAW Education Center (Weblog) by kareltjee on 10-04-2018
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