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  • Re: TAW Radio

    Thanks for clarifying Ari, I was already wondering hahaha. Good luck Peterson.
    Posted to Tech Talk and General Support (Forum) by kareltjee on 10-15-2017
  • TAW U - Recruiting (June 10th @ 9:00PM CET)

    ❗ TAW U - Recruiting ❗ The online seminar on one of TAW's most important pillars for a fruitful future... TAW EDU is excited to announce that the next University class will be held on June 10th, at 3:00PM EST/9:00PM CET . This University class will be about recruiting, and the speaker will be Natalino, a well known and more than experienced recruiter
    Posted to TAW Education Center (Weblog) by kareltjee on 06-09-2017
  • Re: Howdy Yall!

    Hello BeardedFpv I managed to get your video and photo working by simply making use of the following HTML-code : (URL= Just remind to replace the regular brackets ( ) with these other brackets [ ] ! Which comes down to this [ URL= your video-url ][IMG] your thumbnail
  • TAW U - Preventing & Dealing w/ Drama (May 7th @ 4:00PM EST)

    ❗ TAW U - Preventing & Dealing with Drama ❗ An online seminar about an important topic you do not want to miss out on... Drama, one small word that means a lot of things. But what exactly does it mean for TAW? EDU's very own Senior Instructor Sydan has the answer for you! With the topic of Drama, EDU hopes to continue their year of building
    Posted to TAW Education Center (Weblog) by kareltjee on 05-06-2017
  • EDU - Online Classes back with a few updates!

    ❗ UPDATE : 27th of April, 2017 ❗ We managed to resolve the issue and have re-added the SUBMIT -button to the system. Everything is back to the way it was before and should be working fine now. Aside from that good news, we have decided to treat you with a few more updates: An interactive tutorial w/ orange blinks "everywhere", explaining the
    Posted to TAW Education Center (Weblog) by kareltjee on 04-24-2017
  • EDU - One Year Anniversary

    It’s been a year (click here ) … EDU’s very first year in TAW. A year full of achievements, setbacks, ... A year to dwell on and a year to be proud of. As a celebration, we listed some of the most remarkable moments in EDU’s still very young history. April 17, 2016 The day Sentinel became EDU. The beginning of a new chapter
    Posted to TAW Education Center (Weblog) by kareltjee on 04-17-2017
  • EDU - TAW U, new guide(s) and more!

    EDU has been busy recently. We are happy to be producing content for all of you to learn from, and we want to let everyone know what we are doing and what we plan to do going forward. After the success of EDU’s very first University Class last month, we are working on bringing more classes to all of you. Some of the topics being worked on for
    Posted to TAW Education Center (Weblog) by kareltjee on 04-13-2017
  • EDU needs your assistance!

    EDU is preparing to release the revised Boot Camp Guide very soon. We would like to have several Veteran HDIs/DIs to help us in the final steps before release, so that we make sure we include everything that a new Drill Instructor would need in order to successfully introduce a potential recruit through Boot Camp. If you know a current or former HDI
    Posted to TAW Education Center (Weblog) by kareltjee on 04-10-2017
  • Re: New TAW3 design

    Worst april fool's I've seen so far Leroy, shame on you! :P
  • TAW U - Servant Leadership (11th of March @ 8:00PM UTC)

    TAW U - Servant Leadership An introduction to the Power of Leadership Through Service Servant Leadership , a philosophy and set of practices that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world. But what exactly does that mean? TAW's very own Cherry has the answer for you! With the
    Posted to TAW Education Center (Weblog) by kareltjee on 03-09-2017
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