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  • Re: Badges on profile

    I understand where you are coming from, however, like you mentioned, it is a programming issue, and with the impending release of the new TAW website i doubt that the devs will want to take the time to look into this at the moment, possibly something can be done once the new website is released and stable.
    Posted to Smite (Forum) by Gasms on 04-22-2018
  • Re: My 2 cents, Thoughts/Considerations &/or Ideas/Suggestions

    Welcome to Smite! Hopefully you were briefed on the TS topic above by your DI when you joined TAW. Any Channel in TeamSpeak is Free for you to join with the exception of Channels where the Orange "Commander" Light is displayed. As long as you follow the TeamSpeak Protocol, then you should be good to go!
    Posted to Smite (Forum) by Gasms on 04-11-2018
  • Re: new Bird in 7th

    Thanks! :) I'm proud to have been able to do all I have for the Smite Division and 7th Corps.
  • Re: An Introduction Post Thing

    Welcome to the Family!
    Posted to Smite (Forum) by Gasms on 02-16-2018
  • Re: Paladins player, playing Smite as well..

    I'd be glad to shoot you an invite and anyone would be glad to help out just hop down to our channels anytime Just let me know what your In-Game name is on smite and I can shoot you an invite.
    Posted to Smite (Forum) by Gasms on 06-11-2017
  • Re: Smite~

    Welcome to the Smite Division and TAW! :)
    Posted to Smite (Forum) by Gasms on 01-11-2017
  • Re: TAW Anime Lovers Here!!!

    1. What are your favorite genres of anime? Horror for sure, something that really draws you into the story. 2. What are your favorite series? Top Series is Shikabane Hime(Corpse Princess) I cannot recommend this enough, it is really short but Extremely enjoyable. 3. Favorite manga? Light novel? The only manga i would really recommend reading is Soul
  • Re: Smite Badges to aim for.

    hey, going for Offlane - To Battle! & Undefeated PvP - Gold & Platinum
    Posted to Smite (Forum) by Gasms on 08-08-2016
  • Re: Smite Badges to aim for.

    I will be a guinea pig for the two people who will be awarding the badges if you would like. I am going for both the Quickshot and Bullseye Badges (under the carry section)
    Posted to Smite (Forum) by Gasms on 08-03-2016
  • Re: Music warning, 3:45 build up Eric Prydz is a DJ that I always fall back too simple but lovely style.
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