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  • Re: Idea for Tuesday's NA Mandatory (10/9)

    Keep in mind a lot of decals are blocked for use by other nations. Usually you cannot use an iron cross on a Soviet vehicle for example, as people used to abuse this in regular SB battles. However you can use common decals which are other genetic shapes like circles and squares, you could try and find a few that are easy to unlock so everyone should
    Posted to War Thunder (Forum) by Korhaka on 08.10.2018

    Just looked on Google for your timezone, came up with the following. 13:34 Sunday, 5 August 2018 (GMT-8) Time in Anchorage, AK, USA To compare UK is currently 22:34 as I write this, which is GMT+1 at this time of year. NA events are at 00:00 GMT in summer, and switch to 01:00GMT in winter. EU is 18:00 in summer and 19:00 in winter.
    Posted to War Thunder (Forum) by Korhaka on 05.08.2018
  • Re: Albion Online for Non Divison Members

    Who has permissions to upgrade guild island buildings? I have been sitting on 600 T4 stone blocks for the past week.
  • Re: Thinking

    I would suggest you talk to someone like Skelig if you see him on, he also uses consoles to play and might be able to give you some advice to make it easier. As for team killing, accidents can happen as someone may incorrectly identify a target. Although its always something to try and minimise.
    Posted to War Thunder (Forum) by Korhaka on 02.05.2016
  • Re: Who out there is using the Extreme 3D Pro flight stick....

    Its something you will get quite often really, when I played IL-2 it was the same usually difficult to get exactly 100%, but it doesnt really matter. I have started using the keyboard again for throttle while I use the joystick to fly, although that is mostly because I have the joystick in my left hand and mouse for view in my right.
    Posted to War Thunder (Forum) by Korhaka on 29.04.2016
  • Re: Another go for Wargame Red Dragon?

    We certainly have the potential player count, and I am sure more then enough people would be interested in playing if we could get it organised.
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