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  • Re: Spare coupons for Steam

    Tbh, I am not sure. I dont know what half the games are myself
  • Spare coupons for Steam

    So, I have just decided all of a sudden to level up my steam profile and in the process, have received a lot of coupons which I don't think I will use. I don't know if there is anything that is any good here but if you fancy any, let me know on this post or drop me a message. I am happy to give these away free, since I am unlikely to buy any
  • War Thunder Morning Star TAW Wide Tournament

    Posted on behalf of 2LT grimsunlake [WAR 1SO] Do you have what it takes to be the best pilot in War Thunder? Are you ready to watch the flames of your target's plane become the flames of victory? Then sign up for the War Thunder Division's Second 4 v 4 Tournament "Morning star". The tournament will be open to all of TAW. Members of
    Posted to War Thunder (Weblog) by JWhinchat on 10-21-2017
  • TAW Events Survey - We need your help!!

    Greetings to all of TAW, As the TAW gaming community continues to grow, so does our desire for social interactions! SOCOP has added a new branch to their unit - Events! The inspiration behind this comes from several occasions where TAW members had met up in real life and we in SOCOP thought, why not make recurring events! We would like to introduce
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by JWhinchat on 09-24-2017
  • Re: CSGO Ranking system is broken

    I can see your frustration with the de-ranking issues you are facing. I think I have only had this issue you described once before and I can remember how annoyed I was. I always play prime matchmaking where possible on my account now as you have to fully establish your account in order to benefit from prime matchmaking and I see it that people you play
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