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  • Re: SteelRanger had a Stroke

    I have never spoke to him i have only heard of him but hope he has a fast speedy recovery. Regards, LowK
  • Re: Twitch Overlays and Banners

    I Believe if you contact your CoC about streaming for TAW they contact TSO which controls streaming representing TAW. That would be your best bet to my knowledge of how it works i believe. Regards, LowK
    Posted to Vanguard Discussion and Questions (Forum) by LowK on 03-16-2016
  • Re: Hello TAW!

    Hey Karamele, Nice to see you here and yes Hamderyo is correct on the 15 years or older, However I've heard there are situations that if a TAW officer vouches for you, there may be a exception for you joining TAW. My advice to you is look under our units page which is public and find the game (Division) you are looking to apply for and see if you
    Posted to Heroes and Generals (Forum) by LowK on 02-02-2016
  • Re: sup guys im new here

    Hey anthraxnapkin All you need to do is register to the game through the website and one of our best of the best drill instructors will get you up to date on how TAW operates and set you up on our teamspeak server!! See you in the field son! Best Regards, LowK
    Posted to Heroes and Generals (Forum) by LowK on 01-12-2016
  • Re: H&G Hand to hand (Shovel Fight) Contest - 10 January 2016

    Sundays shovel challenge for the EU Battalion speaking on behalf of the soviets. we found out only having a shovel or knife vs 5,6,7 axis tanks was a mission impossible but in the mean time all players in the chat was dying with laughter to me the mandatory hit the nail on the head and made it extremely fun. which is what it is intended for.
    Posted to Heroes and Generals (Forum) by LowK on 01-10-2016
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