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  • More Saving Coming From Shop

    STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING!!! Unless you’re in the middle of a match, then you can stop between matches….we’re not that heartless. Part of the thing we love about being in Shop is always being able to bring TAW members as much savings as possible, and this coming promo, we’re doing it again. And if you can’t figure out
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by Rekon on 02-17-2020
  • DayZ Free Weekend & 40% Off

    The post-soviet country of Chernarus is struck by an unknown virus, turning the majority population into frenzied infected. Fighting over resources has bred a hostile mentality among survivors, driving what’s left of humanity to collapse. You are one of the few immune to the virus - how far will you go to survive? I know we all love saving money
    Posted to Vanguard Discussion and Questions (Forum) by Rekon on 02-14-2020
  • TeamSpeak Badge Code

    Love is in the air once more, and since you all love badges we thought TeamSpeak decided to give you a brand new ValenTim's badge for 2020! Hurry though it's only available until Monday: CODE: D8HYENCL3K
  • Re: Hello - A new member to TAW

    Welcome to TAW. Cookies are on left, drinks on right, clothing Shop is on the link provided. GL with school & your matches and may the odds be ever in your favor.
  • Shop showing some love with this amazing promo

    Frag grenades, artillery shells, and spells aren’t the only thing in the air this February. Love is in the air & so our promotions. Cupid’s arrows are sometimes a hit or miss, but one thing that’s never is miss is the deals the Shop has available for TAW members. We ALWAYS aim to please. Show that special someone in your life
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by Rekon on 02-09-2020

    It's not often that the Shop undergoes a huge face lift, but when there's discombobulation and finding that perfect product you want is hard, The Shop Team does what's best for our customers, we close the doors and hit the renovations hard. (No kittens were harmed in the making of this gif) Now that the Shop has completed it's renovations
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by Rekon on 02-04-2020
  • PSA: Shop Temporarily Closed

    Attention all TAW members, The TAW Shop is going to be going under some construction during the next week. During this time, we regret to inform that the Shop will be closing down each Shop for a couple days while we do some much needed renovations. The goal in this is to make the Shop easier for our members to find products. and items. We ask that
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by Rekon on 02-02-2020
  • Great News From TAW Shop!!!!

    TAW Shop, the online apparel store for all your gamer clothing needs, is back once again with blog posts bringing you the news on what we're doing and how we're going to save you $$. We're going to start with the most obvious, TAW Shop once again has a DC, yours truly. I have returned from active duty to work alongside my CO Remo and my
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by Rekon on 01-24-2020
  • Katrina's Daggers

    I know I'm not in LoL, nor do I play the game, but I do watch a series on YouTube called Man At Arms: Reforged. In an episode I recently caught, they made Katrina's Daggers. Just wanted to share this video with the LoL Team.
    Posted to League Of Legends (Forum) by Rekon on 07-30-2019
  • ESO Expansion Sale: Elsweyr

    Elsweyr, mystery land and home of the Khajiit. The feline race of Tamariel...of those of us old as dirt, think Thundercats but living in seriously. But also, Elsweyr brought us a HUGE update, DRAGONS and Necromancers. Well, if you don't own it already, now is certainly the time to break out that wallet. Elswyer has just gone on sale
    Posted to Elder Scrolls Online (Weblog) by Rekon on 07-23-2019
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