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  • Division Wear in TAW Shop

    Well folks, it's finally here. The beginning of Division Wear. The DC's and DO's of each Division should have seen by now in the TFO Forums the information needed about getting your Division Wear gear set up. The beginning of our Division Wear is starting out with Division's name and TAW on the shirts/sweaters. One shirt and hoodie in
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by Rekon on 05-21-2017
  • Last Day of Promotion

    Hello TAW Members. Today is the FINAL day of the current Shop Promotion: Buy 2 or more items and get 20% off. Act now, get your TAW Swag and save some cash. Please see TAW Shop channel in TS for details.
  • TAW Pride!

    Did you buy a shirt from the TAW Shop? Maybe a sweater, coffee mug, hat or a mousepad? Here's your chance to show your pride in TAW. If you have something you bought from the TAW Shop, post a pic of you with your TAW Swag (no, this doesn't qualify you for the Swagster Tab for your dossier, you still need to email me for that). *This is all in
  • Re: Give 5 @ The TAW SHOP

    Give 5 Shirts still available in the Shop. Please remember to fill out the forms found in TS Shop channel if buying a shirt. Here's what the Brown Shirt/White Hand looks like in 2XL (Yes, I wear a 2XL for comfort...probably could have gotten away with a XL).
  • Re: Destiny 2 News/Updates/Discussion

    I may have to buy this for PC. I know my son wants it for PS4, but man o man, does it look good so far.
  • Re: Give 5 @ The TAW SHOP

    Reminder: Give 5 Shirts are still available in TAW Shop. Purchasing one of these shirts and filling out the form found in SHOP Channel in TS will qualify you for the Give 5 Tab aswell. In addition, if you email me at with Order#, Item purchased and callsign; I'll issue you a Swagster Tab for your Dossier. Current SHOP Promo is buy
  • Re: Customization Now Available in TAW Shop

    To show a sample of what the clothing can now look like after customizing, here's a pic for y'all. Image on the Front, added image to back, callsign on arm and as a side not, you can add stuff to the hood aswell (left and right side only)
  • Customization Now Available in TAW Shop

    Alright folks, you've been asking for it for a while now and now you're gonna get it!!!! Customization is now available in TAW Shop!!!!! That's right, you can now add your callsign's to sleeves, front of clothing or even on the back. To help everyone through this, Abnormalskillz created a comprehensive guide on how to do this. You can
  • Customizing Your TAW Swag

    TAW SHOP Division Customizing SHOP product Guide for customizing your ideal product This guide is made for The Art of Warfare community and for purpose of explaining TAW members how to customize TAW SHOP products. STEP ONE SELECTING YOUR PRODUCT The first step when opening TAW SHOP (NA or EU), is to find product that you like. We recommend that in this
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by Rekon on 05-16-2017
  • Current Shop Promotion: May 15 - 21st

    The right time to buy your new TAW apparel is anytime, but the only thing better than a new TAW Shirt, is 2 new TAW Shirts. Right now, from May 15th - 21st when you buy 2 or more items from the TAW SHOP . you get 20% off your purchase. That's right, 20%. What better way to treat yourself than getting some shirts and or sweaters to wear while you
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by Rekon on 05-15-2017
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