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  • Re: hey :)

    Hello and welcome to both TAW and Rainbow Six Siege. I see your application was approved and you have been assigned a DI. They should be in contact with you shortly to schedule your Boot Camp (informal intro to TAW). As for not being that good at the game, we all start somewhere and it's part of the fun of being in this community, we grow together
    Posted to Rainbow Six Siege (Forum) by Rekon on 01-19-2017
  • Re: Finding team in R6

    Hey Bunny, thanks for applying to the Rainbow Six Siege Division. A response has been given to your application. Should you have any questions, please contact me directly.
    Posted to Rainbow Six Siege (Forum) by Rekon on 01-19-2017
  • Warface Update

    If you're like me, you have multiple games on your PC and try to keep track of different things happening for each. Well, this morning I found out that Warface is going through a MAJOR change in Feb. FREEMMOSTATION , a reliable website that gives updates on games, announced that Warface is switching publishers. They will be switching from Crytek
    Posted to Warface (Forum) by Rekon on 01-18-2017
  • Re: Newbie here.

    Hello PlaSMaxX, Welcome to the TAW Family and Rainbow Six. Hope your Boot Camp went well and I look forward to meeting you in TS.
    Posted to Rainbow Six Siege (Forum) by Rekon on 01-17-2017
  • Re: lfg

    Hello BeasTAD, Our Staff Officer, John Lockwood, approved you earlier today. I have sent you a message to schedule a time to do our informal introduction to TAW, or as we like to call them, Boot Camp. So please check your email, including spam folder just to be safe. I'll be free anytime this evening. Cheer mate and I look forward to seeing you
    Posted to Rainbow Six Siege (Forum) by Rekon on 01-15-2017
  • Re: Gump Stories

    [quote user="Bravehardt"] It should be 2 for not waiting for OPS to do the transfer and another for not waiting for Army's approval of the transfer. 2 screw ups in one! Probably the first double Gump in TAW history. [/quote] "Go Big or Go Home" I always say. I've always been one for trying to set standards, in
  • Re: TAW News

    Gossip creates drama, and drama should have no place in TAW.
    Posted to World of Warships (Forum) by Rekon on 01-12-2017
  • Re: Gump Stories

    Well, I did it. I earned my Gump within a week of my DC getting his. A member was asking to transfer to Ops and trying to help out and completely forgetting that it's handled differently when someone goes to Ops instead of the transfer through Army, I transferred the member myself..causing a few issues and probably causing SuperTreky to lose some
  • Re: LittleZigge

    Welcome to the TAW Family. I hope you enjoy it here, lots of games and members to play with.
  • Re: Hello

    Good day. Welcome to the TAW family. I have approved your request to join. A Drill Instructor should be assigned to you soon and they will schedule your "BootCamp", it's our formal welcome and running over the rules of TAW community. Looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield...
    Posted to Rainbow Six Siege (Forum) by Rekon on 01-05-2017
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