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  • Windows 10 updates Brick AMD computers

    There I was, enjoying a casual game of Heroes and Generals when just like not paying your electric bill, everything went dark. Microsoft in its infinite wisdom decided to rush a bundle of patches to address the "Spectre and Meltdown" vulnerabilities of processors. With the focus on Intel they failed to correctly apply these patches to most
    Posted to Tech Talk and General Support (Forum) by Dynomite on 01-16-2018
  • Re: Hell Let Loose

    Fight Alone, Die Alone. Fight Together, Win Together. We’re removing all the modern gameplay incentives that we feel focus the entire experience back onto the individual. How many kills can you get? What perks did you unlock? Which gun did you unlock? How do you build a team-play based game on a foundation in which all players actively want to
  • Re: Hell Let Loose

    If this post wasn't here, I was going to post it. I like what I hear about the game and, I hope we can be apart of the alpha/beta releases. I think this would be popular in TAW. I'd love to talk about this as more develops. Willing to help in the growth of the game should it reach the Vanguard.
  • Re: To the Members of HG4

    Awesome thanks.
    Posted to Heroes and Generals (Forum) by Dynomite on 07-15-2017
  • To the Members of HG4

    Hey HG players, I'm buying a general; just one. Which faction do HG4 members play the most? This way I can be apart of the war effort in a productive fashion rather than a lone wolf who would probably make bad mistakes and lose a major city. I'd love some tips on how to play the RTS portion too. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks Dynomite
    Posted to Heroes and Generals (Forum) by Dynomite on 07-14-2017
  • Re: Left 4 Dead 2 VG Game of the week.

    I still play this every now and then. The multiplayer mode was fun. You get to play as zombies. There's a similar game called "VerminTide" based off of the warhammer world. Cool weapon upgrade system. Friendly fire when playing on "nightmare" difficulty. Total "spin off" from the gameplay aspect just different characters
  • Re: How fast is your internet?

    That's impressive. Who offers close to Gigabit speeds!? I pay too much for a 50Mb/10Mb connection. I can't imagine the price for Gigabit.
  • Re: How latency is killing online gaming

    Interesting article. I have a real life example for you. I had been working on a latency/jitter VoIP (Voice over IP) issue for a customer of mine. I was finally able to prove to the customer that their ISP was at fault. I don't know if anyone has had to deal with a third party ISP before but it's like going to war and you have to triple check
    Posted to Tech Talk and General Support (Forum) by Dynomite on 04-19-2016
  • Re: Recruit

    You know, I've always been interested in EVE. I've read several reviews and came to the conclusion that it's tough to succeed playing solo. I'd be interested to get your perpective on EVE. If in the future we can find enough TAW interest I'd pick it up. Message me any time.
  • New to TAW

    Hi, How's everyone doing? My name is Mike, call sign Dynomite. Joined yesterday; I wanted to find a gaming community where I could find some good people and good games. I find myself gaming a little too often but, aren't we all guilty of that. I play all types of games depending on my mood. Signed up with SWBF for starters. See ya in game.
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