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  • Arma 3 on HumbleBundle

    This is a great chance for you to pick up a copy of one of the best and most comprehensive military simulation game series ever made all for the low cost of $20 you will get every game in the ARMA franchise and all the DLC up until APEX for ARMA 3 this would normally cost you $184 Buy ARMA Series Here: Humble Bundle To see what we get up to in ARMA
    Posted to Arma III (Weblog) by Spyker on 05-31-2018

    Arma 3 Free Weekend on Steam For this weekend Arma 3 will be free to play on Steam. It is free 2 play from the 26th till the Monday, April 30th at 19:00 CEST. Countdown Timer You can download it on Steam and begin your adventure in the magical world of Mil-Sim Come and join us! Don't feel scared if you don't know all the things. That is why
    Posted to Arma III (Weblog) by Spyker on 04-26-2018
  • Public Arma 3 Event

    Public Arma 3 event 18-04-2018 I hereby want to invite everyone who owns Arma 3 to our public mission on the 18-4-2018. This event will take place at 19:30 GMT. What are we going to do? We are going to play on our public server together with an experienced Zeus. He will create objectives and situations that you would see when we are playing our own
    Posted to Arma III (Weblog) by Spyker on 04-11-2018
  • Screenshots taken from Operation Desert Saber 18-3-2018

    Operation Desert Saber Hello Everyone, Every week I will upload a new forum post with screenshots made by our battalion. Charlie "Cerberus" squad were returning to base to rest and re-arm. Taken moments before they got send out again to gain power on the Dirayah Armed Forced Ground crew are still standing strong with their decision. Personally
    Posted to Arma III (Forum) by Spyker on 03-19-2018
  • ARMA 3: 2nd Battalion Newsletter 10-03-2018

    2nd Battalion Newsletter 10-03-2018 Hello TAW! We will be posting a weekly update of what is happening in ARMA III 2nd Battalion. The content will contain promotions (feel free to send your congratulations), modpack updates and changes, along with some great photos and videos of what we get up to in our operations! If anyone would like to join us in
    Posted to Arma III (Weblog) by Spyker on 03-12-2018
  • ARMA 3 Public Server is LIVE !!

    The ARMA 3 Public Server Is NOW LIVE! How to connect Simply follow the instructions in the pictures right below. Start Arma 3 up without any mods enabled but enable BattelEye. Currently, we have two servers running with the same mission. A European and a North American server. Both servers are LIVE and ready to get played on. You can search for it in
    Posted to Arma III (Weblog) by Spyker on 01-21-2018
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