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  • Re: Hello everyone, Tomberry here.

    Welcome to TAW! Lots to do here. Great to have you with us.
  • Re: Looking to re-join TAW

    Welcome back. You will need to send an email to the Division Commander of the division you want to join. If that's Heroes of the Storm, its Good luck!
    Posted to Heroes of the Storm (Forum) by SouthernCross on 03-25-2017
  • Re: Yeah Anticheat

    The Warface post on their Anti Cheat System indicates it is the same system which has been used in Russia for several years. I have not researched its effectiveness. They also state that it operates in several different ways: It has a library of known cheat software (there is always a lag to stay up to date) It monitors for impossible behavior. Lastly
    Posted to Warface (Forum) by SouthernCross on 03-23-2017
  • Re: Warface Repair Costs

    My intention in creating this post was not to focus on the possible doom but to share information and strategies. Crytek were losing money. If they had kept the game, it would have failed when the creditors stopped the money. The purchase by offered the only possibility of the game continuing but it was always clear that would move in
    Posted to Warface (Forum) by SouthernCross on 03-21-2017
  • Re: Introduction Notourius

    Welcome Notouris! This is a great community. Be sure to look around the web site.
  • Re: 2017 WF NA Spring Recruiting Drive

    We have 6 weeks left in the recruiting drive and we have four people, each with one recruit. Any of these recruiters or someone without a current recruiting credit could secure a few good recruits and take an outright lead. The Leader Board is here . While everyone is still in contention, recruits must apply by May 1, they must reach the rank of PFC
    Posted to Warface (Forum) by SouthernCross on 03-21-2017
  • Warface Repair Costs

    We were all shocked in last week's update, with the reduction on mission payments and the significant increase in repair costs. While its possible that has been adjusted in tonight's server update March 20/21), it may take some time before it finds a new balance point. In going through Warface Forum posts, it appears that Crytek had a repair
    Posted to Warface (Forum) by SouthernCross on 03-21-2017
  • Re: What are the chances of getting a (gold) weapon in the [random boxes]?

    Regarding Bluesman's comment on 3/19, there is no indication that Rank has anything to do with it. Zeroade's url to a Warface Forum post has Levak (well connected to Crytek but not official) stating that there is a counter which, if you fail to win a golden weapon, will guarantee a weapon after 1,000 attempts. This is likely to be applied per
    Posted to Warface (Forum) by SouthernCross on 03-21-2017
  • Re: Howdy.....again!

    That's a long time away! You will have to request to readmitted and you will probably need to do another Boot Camp. Best to get in touch with the Division you want to join. If it's ARMA, try emailing their NA HDI ( Welcome back.
  • Re: 2017 WF NA Spring Recruiting Drive

    Many people who show interest don't submit an application and some people submit applications but never respond to in-game friend requests or emails. This is frustrating but it is the nature of recruiting. To get good recruits, we need to cast a wide net, do some pre-screening and then let the application and Boot Camp process do the final filtering
    Posted to Warface (Forum) by SouthernCross on 03-09-2017
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