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  • Warface Field Manual

    In recent gaming sessions, we have found that much of the knowledge of more experienced players is not readily available to the newer players. There are public Wiki pages but even these are not well developed in Warface West. Gamma and I are working on the creation of a Warface Field Manual. In the early stages, this will not be an official TAW Warface
    Posted to Warface (Forum) by SouthernCross on 01-18-2017
  • Re: Major Changes

    Given Crytek's financial problems, a new publisher has got to be offer less risk than doing nothing. Like all change, there will be some tings that some (or all) of us don't like. I'm hopeful that this can lead to improvements. I am encouraged by the nature of the Warface FAQ and their comments on servers.
    Posted to Warface (Forum) by SouthernCross on 01-17-2017
  • Re: Earthshaker - Default Madness ... coming soon ...

    Count me in!
    Posted to Warface (Forum) by SouthernCross on 01-16-2017
  • Re: Earthshaker - Default Madness ... coming soon ...

    This is a great idea! This will really highlight some of our mistakes, which are covered up by our gear. We will need to take good fire positions and really go for those headshots. I'm in.
    Posted to Warface (Forum) by SouthernCross on 01-11-2017
  • Earth Shaker Walkthrough

    Following Gamma's example, an Earth Shaker walkthrough is available: The document is a draft and all suggestions are welcome. The text of the document follows: Team Composition The following team has excellent firepower and flexibility: 2 x Sniper 2 x Assault 1
    Posted to Warface (Forum) by SouthernCross on 01-02-2017
  • Re: I was left alone in Black Shark

    Did you see the YouTube where someone did a solo Tower? It was planned, so he arranged for his friends to leave and he had a plan for every floor. He used a lot of smoke and quite a few revive tokens. He succeeded! One thing it showed me, was the need for accurate shooting. He had a belt fed machine gun but was single-shotting many of the enemy. A quick
    Posted to Warface (Forum) by SouthernCross on 12-23-2016
  • Re: Warface: Special Ops Team[s]

    Struggling in Special Ops is taking 75 minutes for Normal Earth Shaker (my first effort with 3 local friends). Our effort the other night was pretty good (with lots of room for improvement). There are guides for some of the Special Ops missions and we should develop our own techniques. I wrote a quick guide, to see if there is interest but how do we
    Posted to Warface (Forum) by SouthernCross on 12-23-2016
  • SouthernCross Checking In

    G'day, SouthernCross checking in to the Warface Division. I have gamed all my live, with figurines, hex maps and PCs. I play a variety of strategic, tactical and role-playing games. I have been absent from Warface for about 18 months but got back into it when I was between other games. With my interest rekindled, I wanted to experience it in a clan
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