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  • All maps, all victories ;-)

    During tonights mandatory, we played all maps in a row, and won them all too ;-) Thanks to those who had time & patience to stick it out until the end ;] Woohooo!!!
    Posted to Heroes and Generals (Forum) by jatan on 08-09-2018
  • 3 way sneak

    The Allies/SU where so busy with each other that we managed to cap all points without much resistance. 5 caps and 0/0 felt awesome ;]
    Posted to Heroes and Generals (Forum) by jatan on 07-07-2018
  • action client broken

    Hello, Anyone else getting this? It's like, completely stuck. And it keeps repeating randomly. If I leave the squad and join a match, it might end up like this or be okay. And then sometimes it happens randomly in the game also, mostly when entering/exiting vehicles with weapon sights. As long as I remain in the 3rd person
    Posted to Heroes and Generals (Forum) by jatan on 01-07-2018
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