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  • Re: Hello! glad to be here .

    Welcome to TAW! Tis a great place to be for sure! #TAWDEFINITELYROCKS!
  • Monster Hunter World

    Hello all, Been playing some monster hunter world recently(with iceborne dlc coming out in autumn 'n all) and was wandering if any TAW members are playing as well and are interested in grouping up. Would love to kill some monsters together. :)
  • Re: What game not released are you waiting to play?

    Mount&Blade 2 bannerlord... started development in 2011 i believe. The release date is still TBA... What it is, pretty much, you start as some lord/peasant then build up to (potentially) becoming king. You can look at one of the past games mount and blade warband for an example of its design. Except, the developers are gonna expand the game far
  • Re: Foxhole

    I'd be pretty interested to see this spin-up. I saw you guys on the foxhole meeting last week, I had a look and bought it. I think it'll be a great game for TAW. Especially with all the recruitment opportunities and the lack of recent recruitment threads. So I'd definitely be interested in this spinning-up
    Posted to Vanguard Discussion and Questions (Forum) by Tirean on 01-21-2019
  • Re: Smite Badges 2.0 I think i qualify for Support badge Basic, Advanced, Expert I think this qualifies for carry badge Basic Advanced and expert. I think this qualifies for Mid-laner basic https://i.gyazo
    Posted to Smite (Forum) by Tirean on 11-25-2018
  • Re: Smite Badges 2.0

    I Think I qualify for support badge basic and advanced
    Posted to Smite (Forum) by Tirean on 10-04-2018
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