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  • Re: TBC...Classic Thoughts?

    First off, would love to see WoW back and it should always be attempted. I am however gonna post my concerns about it. The problem has always been that people don't play consistently, there will be an endless player base available in the beginning, but 75% of players burn out and play only during updates, which can be months apart. Also unfortunately
    Posted to Vanguard Discussion and Questions (Forum) by Cayne on 12/05/2021
  • Re: Heroes of the Storm to return?

    Ah my old friend. I'll just drop two pieces of advice for anyone wanting to bring HOTS back from my experience leading last time. Split the battalion's and focus on two aspects. One for Aram/Casual (Most popular) and the other for Heroes Lounge / Competitive. We used to have a Heroes Lounge team, it's the last place HOTS has for esports
    Posted to Vanguard Discussion and Questions (Forum) by Cayne on 13/03/2021
  • TAW 20th Anniversary Celebration!

    At the Forefront of 21st Century Gaming On March 15th 2001, the first official version of the website you are currently using was launched. We are now nearly 20 years on from that historic day. For the past two decades, TAW has pioneered hundreds of gaming divisions, with thousands of members joining along the way. Some of us have been here for years
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by Cayne on 03/03/2021
  • TAW@WAR 20th Anniversary - Sign ups

    A TAW@WAR Special, taking place March 13th TAW@WAR is the premier event hosted by TAW every year, every member has a chance to battle it out on neutral territory to achieve the title of Champion of TAW until the next tournament. The winning team or player will be awarded the TAW-Wide Tournament Medal directly from our Commander-in-Chief. Special conditions
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by Cayne on 28/02/2021
  • Re: Happy Valentine's Day

    Happy Valentines day!
  • Re: TAW-Wide TeamFight Tactics Event

    Latest Patch Notes
    Posted to League Of Legends (Forum) by Cayne on 03/02/2021
  • TAW-Wide Team Fight Tactics Event

    This Saturday the 6th at 20:00 CET // 13:00 CST, there will be a TAW-Wide Team Fight Tactics Event This Saturday, the League of Legends and Events Resources Divisions are inviting all of TAW to a night of auto-chess! The event will take place in the League of Legends channels in 3rd Corps. Please show up a few minutes before the event start time to
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by Cayne on 31/01/2021
  • Re: Cool interview with pro gamer Ninja

    I definitely think if most kids were exposed to following a TAW CoE, then the future of the internet would be a much more friendlier place. Unfortunately though, most kids are watching Ninja and other very toxic streamers and taking their lead. Only solution is to try and introduce more responsible internet personality to younger gamers and hope they
  • Re: Cool interview with pro gamer Ninja

    Ironically I don't think Ninja himself would last very long under TAW CoE
  • Assisting Divisions in 2021

    Heading into a new year Nothing more needs to be said about 2020 that hasn't already. So we move into 2021 with new motivation. There's a lot to look forward to this year, not to mention it's TAW's 20th anniversary and TAW has aligned itself to hit the ground running. Saying all of this TAW's Support divisions wanted to give you
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by Cayne on 03/01/2021
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