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  • Re: TAW Mascot Logo Vote

  • TAW-Wide Warcraft 3 Event

    This Friday the 6th at 20:00 CET // 13:00 CST, there will be a TAW-Wide Warcraft 3 event. This Friday, we will be hosting a Warcraft 3 event for all of TAW to join. You only need either Classic Warcraft 3 or Warcraft 3 Reforged available on the blizzard launcher. We will be playing several custom maps, such as "Vamp Fire", "Trolls &
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by Cayne on 11-03-2020
  • November TAW Events Schedule

    Full November Schedule for TAW-Wide Events We have 13 great events to close out the year. To open the first week of November, we have a TAW-Wide Warcraft 3 event, where we'll be playing plenty of mods and custom game modes. The following day we'll be hosting a TAW-Wide City of Heroes event, be prepared to play into the late ours, as we take
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by Cayne on 11-01-2020
  • TAW-Wide Final Fantasy XIV Event

    This Saturday the 17th at 20:00 CET // 13:00 CST, there will be a TAW-Wide Final Fantasy XIV Online event. This Saturday we're gonna be hosting a Final Fantasy XIV Online event for all of TAW! For those who don't know, with a free trial account, you can now play up to lvl 60 (this includes the first expansion) for free! For EU players we will
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by Cayne on 10-14-2020
  • TAW-Wide World of Warcraft Event

    This Wednesday the 14th at 19:00 CET // 12:00 CST, there will be a TAW-Wide World of Warcraft event. Hey Everyone, this event is to celebrate the release of the pre-patch for World of Warcraft's upcoming expansion, Shadowlands. To join this event, you do not need to own Shadowlands, you just need an active subscription. The event is not faction
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by Cayne on 10-12-2020
  • Re: How come we don't have a reserve unit?

    I get your point, apart from lifetime or leaves, your only option is excusing from events. It really does depend on the division itself. I know some are more demanding than others, because that's what the game leans towards and some are more relaxed. My personal opinion is, I don't think we need another system. The debate of mandatories comes
  • TAW-Wide Among Us Event

    This Saturday the 10th at 20:00 CET // 13:00 CST, there will be a TAW-Wide Among Us event. As voted for, Among us will be the first TAW-Wide Game Night hosted by Events Resources. For those unfamiliar with the game, up to 10 people are put on to a ship and have to complete tasks in order to win, but amongst them is 2 imposters trying to eliminate the
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by Cayne on 10-04-2020
  • October TAW Event Schedule *UPDATE*

    Full October Schedule for TAW-Wide Events Hey everyone, below is a full Schedule of all the events happening this October with time and dates. *Due to Blizzard delaying the release of WoW Shadowlands, our schedule has been shuffled around. This is good news for you Final Fantasy players though, we're moving that event to our mid-month slot and dedicated
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by Cayne on 10-02-2020
  • Next Year of TAW-Wide Game Nights

    A fantastic September and a jam-pack October to come. It's been a busy September in TAW, so far we've had 6th Corps share their TAW-Wide Minecraft server and gave us a tour, where we only scratched the surface of incredible creations already made by members from all over TAW. We had an incredibly close competition hosted by the Apex Legends
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by Cayne on 09-21-2020
  • Re: Chromehounds - Did anyone ever play this back in the day?

    I did actually, only for a short while though. I didn't have an Xbox for long, so I'd have probably played it more had I not done the switch to PS. They used to bring out a lot of clones of games like this with some insane controls. I remember one where they inverted the analog sticks and I could never get used to it.
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