• Re: Please revert link colour to differ from normal text

    Hard agree, please change it so we can tell where a link is without resorting to randomly clicking.
    Posted to Tech Talk and General Support (Forum) by Silmaria on 12/01/2022
  • War Thunder 101

    Greetings from the War Thunder division! War Thunder is one of those games that can have a rather steep learning curve, especially in Realistic Battles mode. To help more people enjoy the game, we're holding what we're calling 'War Thunder 101'. This event, spear-headed by our own DieWarrior, will have several instructors for tanks,
    Posted to War Thunder (Weblog) by Silmaria on 13/03/2021
  • [WAR NA] Reserve Event 23Sep2020

    Hey, you! Yeah, you? Interested in trying out War Thunder? Used to play but haven't for a while? WAR NA will be hosting a Reserve Tank Event on 23Sep2020 at 20:00EDT (19:00CDT, 17:00 PDT) during our mandatory! All you need to do to get ready is install the game and make an account. Then just check into our channel a few minutes early so we can get
    Posted to War Thunder (Weblog) by Silmaria on 20/09/2020
  • War Thunder Reserves Event!

    Hey, you! Yeah, you! Interested in trying War Thunder? Played a little bit before but not very much? Well, we have the event for you! This Wednesday, 23Sep2020 at 20:00EDT (19:00 CDT, 17:00 PDT) we are going to be having a Reserve Battle Event! This will be during our regular mandatory time. Please come by and join us in blowing up tanks and planes
    Posted to War Thunder (Forum) by Silmaria on 20/09/2020
  • Kerbal Space Program

    Hey, all. I know it's not a TAW-supported game, but I've fallen back into playing this lately. There is a multiplayer mod, though, so we could look at playing it on Teamspeak. Not as an official game, mind, but just for fun. Anyone interested?
  • Re: The Faces of War Thunder

    Posted to War Thunder (Forum) by Silmaria on 14/09/2019
  • Introduction

    Hello, all. I'm Silmaria. I'm mostly a War Thunder player, though I might branch out and try some of the other things that TAW plays in. I occasionally stream at twitch.tv/silmaria_ though, honestly, War Thunder streaming isn't super exciting. Don't worry, though, I won't be streaming while I'm on comms unless I'm in a room
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