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  • Re: Gamer parent proud moment

    For me it would depend on the game, in a high intense game like CS, ApL, or OW where nearly every communication matters to help inform others of the situation of the battlefield then it may be better to have your mic always on and have a 'toggle mute' option just in case. In the second you see a Revenant come around the corner or a Winston jump
  • Re: TAW - Why Did You Join?

    I should say that I was recruited through a real life friend who I volunteer with to help with a local convention (Q-Con Belfast). The guy being Creig Stafford (I think he went by the alias Irish Panda). One of the best people I have ever met and it is such a shame Q-Con was put off this year due to Covid.
  • Re: TAW - Why Did You Join?

    Hi there, I joined back in 2018 when Heroes of the Storm was still doing well and Blizzard supported it, then once it fell through my mate in the unit suggested join up with the OverWatch battalion where I have been since. I have little love for the game so why I'm staying isn't much to do with the game, it is more to do with the companionship
  • Gauging Interest in Final Fantasy 14 Online: A Realm Reborn

    Hi Guys, I am using this post to gauge the interest in FF14. For those of you unaware, FF14 is an MMOJRPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Japanese Role Playing Game that has a subscription based model (retailing at about £10 per month or regional equivelent) after you buy the game plus any expansions you require, the game is heavly PvE (Player versus
    Posted to Vanguard Discussion and Questions (Forum) by Fool on 05/05/2019
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