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  • Vanguard: On the Horizon October Edition

    Ghost Recon Breakpoint BECOME AN ELITE SPEC OPS SOLDIER Explore the mysterious world, diverse abilities, new factions, and many ways to play Ghost Recon Breakpoint WELCOME TO AUROA Somewhere in the South Pacific lies the remote Auroa Archipelago, a vast land of diverse biomes that range from lush rainforests to snowy peaks. Now, it’s home to Skell
    Posted to Vanguard's Vault (Weblog) by JmagLive on 05/10/2019
  • Come joined the Trials of Lady Luck!

    Are you a fan of team competitions and competing in world first trials? The free game Dauntless is bringing in a competition this next update called Trials of Lady Luck! In this trials you compete for quickest hunt completion times for both solo and party categlories! I, JmagLive [WF 1PIA] , will be putting together a team to compete in these trials
  • Guide to Exotics in Dauntless!

    Rare Gear That Is Unique & Powerful Exotic weapons and armor in Dauntless are end-game equipment that are very rare to find. They have a unique design and perks designed to provide alternative gameplay. Requires Rare Materials To Craft & Upgrade Exotics are extremely hard to craft and upgrade. The materials needed come from end-game Heroic-difficulty
    Posted to Vanguard's Vault (Weblog) by JmagLive on 12/06/2019
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