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  • Re: Attendance: how would you do it?

    It’s not per de only policy, but how would you apply other methods of attendance? E.g. like Marv said a tracker on the server, or just reporting on the website? Would it maybe be nice if the new website would have a sign-up event instead of an excusal system like we have now? 2 hours is 2 hours, that’s reasonable.
  • Attendance: how would you do it?

    Hi, I was curious to what everyone’s opinion is on the attendance policy. For games like ArmA or DND it makes sense, since it’s a fairly large cooperative event where everyone has to synchronise and come together on time. For these games either a large amount of players is necessary and/or getting everyone to free up time for a lengthy game
  • Re: Tranfer emails and comms to Vanguard Division

    I also help in this conversation
  • Re: website keeps forgetting my password

    The fact that it boots you out and you have to relog every so often is normal - the fact that you have to change you entire password~ as Benji suggested, visit the support page. Other than that, are you using a password logger? It might be you sign in with the same email on two platforms, e.g. Steam and TAW, but for both platforms your password is different
    Posted to Tech Talk and General Support (Forum) by tapasje on 22/08/2021
  • Re: TAW - Why Did You Join?

    I joined back in November 2012 under different username, but, the gist is that one of my buddies told me about this MilSim game ArmA II and how he played that with an online community. I was very curious and decided to join, since non of our other friends are into those titles. That's pretty much it -- TAW offered one of the better ArmA II experiences
  • Re: What is your favourite website && Why?

    In general I love, love the neumorphism trend. It's simple, sleek, yet has some (literal) depth to it. I'd also say, I prefer pastel background colors over pure whites. Same for dark greys, rather than pure blacks. It's easier on the eyes and feels more cozy. The new Android 12 update mixes both of these together; just as I got my first
  • TU Looking for staff members!

    Hear ye, hear ye, TAW University Division (TU) now has a specialized Battalion focused on - you guessed it - recruiting! With the increase in dedicated teams and therefore staff, we're more than able to support- and increase the number of Training Instructors (TIs) in TU. While the Recruitment Batt. will focus on further developing DI, HDI, PIA
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by tapasje on 03/06/2021
  • TAW U is looking for members.

    TAW University (TU) is looking for dedicated members of TAW to join the team as Training Instructors (TIs). In TU, you will be responsible for holding position classes for members of TAW, and will also have the chance to help develop current and future leadership of TAW as a whole, by helping to develop leadership tools, skills and traits necessary
    Posted to TAW University (Weblog) by tapasje on 26/05/2021
  • Know how to BATCOM - feat. CiC Maverick

    Another month, another Commander in Chief subject to a BATCOM class ... Are you perhaps curently in need of a BATCOM certificate or are you ogling any of the junior officer positions, setting goals for in the future? Get insight into the position and responsibility of BATCOM leadership from our own CiC and experience first hand Maverick's story
    Posted to TAW University (Weblog) by tapasje on 17/05/2021
  • Seminar: How to (Re)build a Team

    What? Leadership is often heard and mentioned in- and outside of TS channels, but, irconically, how can you be a leader if there is no team? Be it spinning up a new game in Vanguard or trying to revive a Division in Phoenix, in both cases you're faced with (re)building and maintaining a team of people, who have different background, norms and values
    Posted to TAW University (Weblog) by tapasje on 16/05/2021
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