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  • Gamer parent proud moment

    So I walked in the house from work and got shushed by my daughter followed by "Im on voice recognition, Nintendo, I usually use push to talk!" she muted so I asked her why does she normally use push to talk. She replied with a disgusted look and "Why wouldnt you?" I never influenced that other than showing her how to set up discord
  • Re: TAW - Why Did You Join?

    I have been here for a year now I think. I have been heavily involved in multiple similar clans since 2009, 2 of which I founded and had some decent success with. The last clan I was in for 3 years and due to some issues with getting out of leadership and them not having any games I like supported anymore I bounced around looking for a new group with
  • Re: Titanfall 2

    Now I have 4 different versions of Titanfall 2, thanks Steam.....
  • Rules aka MadMonkey new guy

    Whats up everyone, my name is Brannon but I go by Rules on here and MadMonkey in game. Quick backstory on names: Rules comes from my Xbox name where I spent a good part of 2010-12 playing BFBC2 and BF3 onto moving back to PC for BF4, it is still The1ThtRulesAll (Bad translation of Madalore) on there, kids took over that acct.... MadMonkey comes from
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