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  • TAW@WAR - 30th March

    We are hosting practice days for everyone who wants to join. These days are Saturday the 16th and Saturday the 23rd both starting at 8PM CET/2PM CST. Its a good way to know your opponents and work together with your team. See you at the practice days and at TAW@WAR ofc. _________________________________________________________ Update 1.2: The mode that
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by MrsHeidebitt on 03-18-2019
  • February Teamspeak Event - Shellshock Live

    Hey everyone This month we have another TS event for you guys c alled Shellshock live (7€ on steam). Its a worms based game where you shoot your opponents tanks. You can and may play before hand, because your weapons lvl up the more you play, same goes with the tank. If we have a lot of low lvl people, i will set the rules so its fair. just a hint
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by MrsHeidebitt on 02-14-2019
  • Re: Quakecon 2019?

    Hello! This is exciting - I love Quakecon! Now that I know there is interest in more people attending, would members like to make this an official TAW-Wide Meet & Greet? The goal is to provide a weekend full of fun things to do with other TAW members; whether decide to attend the whole convention or just a few days. We've done previous Meet
  • January Forum Event - Puzzles

    Time to bring an end to the puzzle month. Congratulations to Cardnim from War Thunder for receiving first place on our third January Puzzle! The correct answer can be found here: We had 8 participants, but only 4 correct answers: Cardnim (1st), Dreamus (2nd), Quagon (3rd), bfourine (4th) Thanks all for
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by MrsHeidebitt on 01-29-2019
  • Fishing over the Holiday Season! - SOCOP Event

    This holiday season, SOCOP would like to introduce a new event! The catch is… the event will take place on the TAW forums. So as a warm up for (hopeful) future monthly events, we have decided to run a fishing event over the holidays starting from 12/13/18 until 1/4/19. The goal is to provide members a fun activity to do over the holiday break
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by MrsHeidebitt on 12-13-2018
  • TAW@WAR - 27 October - Still time to register!

    Tournament Teams are Announced! - Updated October 21 https EU TAW@WAR - 20:00 CEST The Mighty Ducks - Cayne [HOTS 2FS], Patamon [HOTS DC], TrixCold [OW DO], Igotyounerfed [OW 2FL], Jelzter [HOTS 2] KrStopher`s Roughnecks! - KrStopher [EFT 2CO], Warlohn [EFT DC], Nikiran [EFT 2TS], Icedspace [EFT 2HDI], Kazen [EFT 2FS] Carebears - Kuzendite [SM 2], CelLaven
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by MrsHeidebitt on 10-21-2018
  • Launch of TAW Instagram - Be Sure to Follow Us!!

    Instagram - Twitter - YouTube - Facebook - Reddit - Steam -
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by MrsHeidebitt on 10-11-2018
  • Trivia Night Hosted by Tabletop Role Play Division - 15 September

    Greetings Everyone! We have a special request from the Tabletop Role Play Division! Robotzhateme [RP DC] is reving up to host a night filled with trivia and brain teasers! Test your knowledge in a variety of categories at the next TeamSpeak Trivia Night event on Saturday, 15 September @ 9pm CEST/2pm CST. The invitation is open to everyone, feel free
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by MrsHeidebitt on 09-12-2018
  • Smite 1v1 Tournament - $100 Grand Prize

    We are excited to announce our latest 1v1 tournament. You must be a TAW members to participate but you can be from any division. The action starts on the 8th - 9th September, 8pm CEST (1PM Central) and will be played with double elimination rules. We are fortunate to have some nice prizes; both gems and badges for the top three positions: 1st - 8000
    Posted to Smite (Forum) by MrsHeidebitt on 09-06-2018
  • 2018 TAW Promotional Video - We need you!

    Calling all streamers and video recorders! SOCOP Video Development is in need of YOUR Division’s video clips from your best mandatories (they can be funny or hilarious!) or showcase your battalion’s skills. Be part of TAW’s new promotional video! The best of the best will be showcased in the next TAW trailer, which will be the main
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by MrsHeidebitt on 08-23-2018
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