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  • Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Interest Blog

    - Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a online, tactical shooter, the eleventh installment in the Tom Clancy franchise, and sequeal to Ghost Recon Wildlands. The game puts players in control of Lieutenant Colonel Anthony 'Nomad' Perryman, a member of the U.S. Special Operations Forces. The game is set approximately six years after the events of Wildland
    Posted to Vanguard's Vault (Weblog) by Alas on 28/07/2020
  • Re: Complexity Gaming visits my work

    Well? Did you flex on them in a 1v1? Show them true skill? Come on Keni!
  • Re: MW

    [quote user="ShmeeCow"] Does it make sense to pre-order, or better to wait for reviews / possible discount sales? [/quote] Wait. The game looks good, but so did BO4, and that was tainted pretty quickly after release with the addition of MTX, which reviewers didn't see in their reviews. We still have no idea how Supply drops will affect
    Posted to TAW Recruiting Division (Forum) by Alas on 26/09/2019
  • Re: Gears 5

    [quote user="DarkZombieXIX"] I believe they are playable through the Xbox store on PC [/quote] Only Gears 1 and 4. GoW 2/3 are not available on PC
    Posted to Vanguard Discussion and Questions (Forum) by Alas on 07/09/2019
  • Re: Dual Universe

    Been following it for almost 2 years now, and have played a bit, thanks to the Alpha and Devs. The game itself is quite interesting, and fun when it comes to base and vehicle building, I think it expands on what ED and SC are trying to do. My only issue with it at the moment is the entry price tag, any game that starts it's alpha/beta with different
    Posted to Vanguard Discussion and Questions (Forum) by Alas on 25/07/2019
  • Re: PC doesn't give video output after installing new videocard and cpu

    Hmm, have you tried 1) Checking if you placed the RAM in the correct slots? Dual Channel memory requires to be placed in correct channels, and you can find which is which by your MOBO instructions manual 2) If both cards are doing the same thing, it might be your MOBO or the PCI-slot. Try slotting the GPU in another, or use the onboard VGA/HDMI on your
    Posted to Tech Talk and General Support (Forum) by Alas on 07/07/2019
  • Re: Gamer question of the week:

    [quote user="tazmanian"]Delta force game series > 10000 hours (2001-2008) and yes sometimes the times to login was long, what u expect with a 56kb/s dail up lol[/quote] Did you let anyone in the house use the phone at all with such hours!?
  • Re: It's another big SALE on all things Arma!

    What Brave asked. Are all the side DLC needed for a starter?
    Posted to Arma III (Forum) by Alas on 17/05/2019
  • Re: Questions about US University

    Hey Red, Most universities have a policy of requiring first year (or at least first semester) new students to be on campus dorms/living quarters. This policy can be waived, but varies from Uni to Uni. I would contact the admissions office and inquire about that. If you are living with family, they will likely waive it off, and allow you to live with
  • Re: Hell Let Loose

    [quote user="Spectre"] However, I didn't see anything listed for the spin up team, but I did fill out the Vanguard form showing my interest. I'll PM you PHI. [/quote] Vanguard did have a Hell Let Loose spin up team last year, lasted around 3 months, probably due to the content lack at the stage of the game. They always keep an eye
    Posted to Vanguard Discussion and Questions (Forum) by Alas on 27/02/2019
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