• ESL One

    Hey guys :) just wanted to know if anyone else is attending the esl one next week in Frankfurt. And I'd be happy if there people interested in meeting up, because being alone at events like that kinda sucks :(
    Posted to Dota 2 (Forum) by Marv on 20/06/2014
  • Free Tournament Tickets!

    Hello everyone :) Well, to keep it short: I am going to cast the Bulgarian Amateur League and as a Caster I will get a few free tickets for the tournament and would like to share them with you :) So if you would really like to watch some Dota games in that league, then contact me with a private message or add me on Steam (my name is Эmil). If you do
    Posted to Dota 2 (Forum) by Marv on 12/02/2014
  • Looking for some feedback and suggestions for my new guide

    Hey guys, Marv here from the ESO Battalion :) I was playing Dota pretty much for the last few years and 2013 I finally got really into Dota 2. I wrote a guide for my favorite hero (Meepo) and would like to hear some feedback. Tell me everything you like and hate about it, if you like it, I would appreciate it if you click on that thumbs up, if you do
    Posted to Dota 2 (Forum) by Marv on 10/01/2014
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