• Clear COMMS - December 2021 Newsletter

    Clear COMMS! Welcome everyone to the December 2021 newsletter edition. Here we cheer your community with Happy Holidays and Fun Nexus Games Happy Holidays from Operations Command! O perations teams are rocking and rolling into the holiday season. We've got an amazing crew that is always working hard for TAW. MMD is decking the halls with new overlays
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by DrPi on 22/12/2021
  • Soul Kingdoms Development Project

    Development Project Exclusive Alpha Game Launch PowerProc Studios is offering TAW an opportunity to participate as Game Testers for a new game they have in development. Soul Kingdoms is a PvP focused MMO-lite that aims to blend the feeling and depth of MMOs with the convenience of match-based games. The game will feature crafting, gathering, duel arenas
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by DrPi on 11/12/2021
  • Clear COMMS - November 2021 Newsletter

    Clear COMMS! Welcome everyone to the November 2021 newsletter edition. What a long edition with TAW Tribute, new MMO's, games updates, and recent broadcasts @ taw.tv TAW Tribute for those who fight Covid-19 : First Responder TAB Over the last 20 months it has been a worldwide challenge and struggle for the world's population to function and
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by DrPi on 25/11/2021
  • Re: grab the latest pre-release TeamSpeak 5

    Downloaded and waiting for the Beta code
    Posted to Tech Talk and General Support (Forum) by DrPi on 11/11/2021
  • Clear COMMS - September 2021 Newsletter

    Clear COMMS! Welcome everyone to September 2021 newsletter edition. When the Halloween is coming, Phoenix hugs the necromancer when F14 is in the Sky, and we watch it all at TAW.tv Diablo II is Resurrected! We are happy to announce that Diablo III has been given approval to transition into Diablo as a Franchise! Check here the full article Blizzard
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by DrPi on 30/09/2021
  • Clear COMMS! Subscription

    Clear COMMS! Subscription How to Subscribe? When you adhere to TAW and become a new Recruit, TAW database gently give your directions to the Little Eagles of TAW. Thus, once month Clear COMMS! arrives in your email with all hot topics from our community. Moreover, you can subscribe yourself by clicking in the following Little Eagles image link. Eventually
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by DrPi on 11/09/2021
  • Re: Destiny 2

    I love Destiny 2 and I could call some TAW members who played with me on last attempt. Let me know if you want to try it on Pioneer. I will do my best to help you out. DrPi
    Posted to Vanguard Discussion and Questions (Forum) by DrPi on 29/08/2021
  • Clear COMMS - August 2021 Newsletter

    Clear COMMS! Welcome everyone to August 2021 newsletter edition. That is what you have missed during summer vacations! We hope you had a sunny time and see you in the next geometric table... SWTOR 7.0 Legacy of the Sith Come join us with the “Legacy of the Sith” The Old Republic! kicks off with Legacy of the Sith, a new expansion that marks
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by DrPi on 25/08/2021
  • Clear COMMS subscription: Action Needed

    Clear COMMS subscription Action Needed TAW European Members, You have probably received an email from COMMS in the beginning of this month with the subject: Clear COMMS subscription – action needed . For those who do not want to continue subscribing to Clear COMMS, we do understand. However, few of you guys have opened but did not click on the
  • Clear COMMS - July 2021 Newsletter

    Clear COMMS! Welcome everyone to July 2021 newsletter edition. That is the cake you have missed recently! We hope you enjoy it, COMMrade... It's going to be a Breeze... This is a new and revolutionary strategy she developed, probably while talking to her dog, but either way it also works great in Valorant. We have no doubt that it can also be highly
    Posted to Operations (Weblog) by DrPi on 28/07/2021
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