• Re: How fast is your internet?

    [quote user="Leemos"] Once i saw this topic, i must show my Wifi connection: And yup, playing online games, watching/listening media without trouble. [/quote] Speed doesn't matter for online games. As long as your connection is broadband it will be fine. Your upstream appears to be 128kilobit, which is the slowest speed available on a
  • Re: Opinions on R8 Revolver

    The trigger delay on LMB can be eliminated by holding RMB apparently, so be wary of others using it that way. Similar to the old cs1.6 trick of firing a shot each from your awp and deagle with one LMB click.
  • Re: Should TAW Sell TAW.NET?

    You can edit posts from the More menu at the top left of the postbox for the post in question.
  • Re: Changing rates

    There are five client side rate commands in the Source engine, although I am not entirely sure how they work in CS:GO as I've not done any reading on it. Four are console variables: rate # cl_rate # cl_updaterate # cl_cmdrate # One is a command line switch: -tickrate [##] For an in depth technical explanation of what they do, which are available
  • Re: new net speeds

    Nice! Just thought I would mention here for people's information, however, that bandwidth requirements for multiplayer games are trivial. The ping is all that matters. PIng times can only be improved my shortening the physical distance of the wire path between you and what you're connecting to and there is only a couple ways to do that: Move
    Posted to War Thunder (Forum) by IntrebuloN on 04/12/2015
  • Re: King Of The Hill Servers

    It's not possible yet . V9+ is in it's testing phase on official servers. Pending feedback from the community, it will be tweaked and released to GSP's for Community servers. I was not aware that the Hostile Takeover and EPM-Gaming servers were run by the developers, doubling as a test cluster for new patches. I also did not realize that
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  • Re: King Of The Hill Servers

    You need to run vanilla Sa-Matra and not Community. Community servers don't fill until vanilla servers are full. Another reason is that v9+ (only available on vanilla right now) allows for disabling of specific vehicles/weapons. The blackfoot, wipeout and artillery capable tanks are generally disabled on customized vehicle servers because they are
    Posted to Arma III (Forum) by IntrebuloN on 26/11/2015
  • Beware sites advertising Star Wars: Battlefront Beta Access

    Registration for the Beta of Star Wars: Battlefront will only be available (sometime in October) on the official site . According to Gamespot there are a number of fake sites offering Beta Access to Battlefront. Please also remember that neither purchase, nor pre-order, are required to participate in the Beta.
  • Re: Star Wars Battlefront has no server browser

    EA Games' PC gaming depts. are taking queues from console gaming in order to make them more accessible to the average person. There is still a consensus among consolers that PC gaming requires too much effort compared to the PnP pros of console gaming, which continues to make triple A PC exclusives non- or barely profitable. They have already completely
  • Re: WINDOWS 10??

    Didn't BI recommend delaying upgrade until 1.50 in a sitrep?
    Posted to Arma III (Forum) by IntrebuloN on 20/08/2015
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