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  • Re: Player smurfing as other players (Include TAW ones)

    Thanks to all, I will bring this to my CoC. All suggestion are welcome.
    Posted to Quake Wars (Forum) by MAV on 10.10.2017
  • Player smurfing as other players (Include TAW ones)

    Hi, Yesterday, On Jesus Server, we see 3 players playing as "Rimanijo" at the same time (I sure none of them was the real one) and a other smurf playing as TAW Slimer (A fake one). Jesus Server Admin Blue Wolf see this and other thinks. A form to see this fake people is activating PB on TAW ETQW servers (net_serverPunkbusterEnabled = 1), this
    Posted to Quake Wars (Forum) by MAV on 08.10.2017
  • Re: server lag

    HI, I have little time playing on TAW servers, I dont know the past, but last week, i have 800 ping in servers that normaly have 180 and I have the same trouble with TAW web site and TS server (Is all the Games Server, Web Site and TS hosted in the same provider ?) This lagg issue, may be a temporal one. We need to test again a couple of times to ensure
    Posted to Quake Wars (Forum) by MAV on 13.09.2014
  • Re: Hi to All !!!

    Thanks for Social media invitaton, but I dont have Facebook or Twiter, Only have LinkedIn for work activities. I dont know the rest of sites (Only youtube). I will visit these ones. Talking of Steam, I remember creating an Account long, long, long, time ago, to download a free game, but I dont know if that account is alive (I never purchase a game in
    Posted to Quake Wars (Forum) by MAV on 28.08.2014
  • Re: Hi to All !!!

    thanks to all, guys. I can not wait until Sunday to play with you
    Posted to Quake Wars (Forum) by MAV on 27.08.2014
  • Hi to All !!!

    Hi, I am glad to join TAW and play with you guys (and girls). I will do the best I can. Sorry for my bad english (My speak is the worse one) See you in Battle " Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." (Winston Churchill)
    Posted to Quake Wars (Forum) by MAV on 25.08.2014
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