• Re: id like to join

    since you posted that to the War Thunder forum, I guess you have to contact ConorFrosty ( conorfrosty@taw.net )
    Posted to War Thunder (Forum) by FOrtes on 29/05/2016
  • Re: The Experience Of A New Recruit in Taw.net Arma 3 2nd Battalion.

    Wow. You should write a book man :D It is written like you experienced that yourself :D Good to see that you had a good first impression here, lets hope your membership will last long :) Greetings
    Posted to Arma III (Forum) by FOrtes on 26/05/2016
  • Re: Thank you TAW Dota 2 Division

    Yo Kotlcarry! I am glad that you like it here, and that you actually improved your skill level. Hope your membership will last long :) Greetings FOrtes
    Posted to Dota 2 (Forum) by FOrtes on 25/05/2016
  • Re: How many active Dota 2 players?

    Yo TheBurningDude! I like how you directly scouted out our website and posted sth in the forum :D according to the practices: You will get every information you need in the bootcamp. We do have practices which are on sundays, tuesdays and fridays. and at the moment we are playing an inhouse turnament you might want to join as well. You just have to
    Posted to Dota 2 (Forum) by FOrtes on 09/05/2016
  • Re: Amateur Tournaments

    Yo Luzzy! Going to turnaments is a good idea! However we do not send teams to turnaments ourselfs. If you want to take part to one, you have to find 4 other people who would also be interested, and then you could apply for the turnament :) With the extra practices: you could just make a teampractice and report that as an event :P But, I have to add
    Posted to Dota 2 (Forum) by FOrtes on 02/04/2016
  • Re: Attendance question

    Best would be if you would talk to your Commanding Officer Michelangelo. Together with him you will find a solution. You could, for example, join the first 30 minutes and spectate. and generelly try to hang around alot in teamspeak, so you are still known as an active member. But talk to Michelangelo with this. And dont worry, there will be a solution
    Posted to Dota 2 (Forum) by FOrtes on 02/04/2016
  • Re: Big Changes for TAW

    Looking forward to see the new CiC TheMightyLeopard. He might do things different, since he is not bad-influenced by the former CiCs. Furthermore I like your decision to promote Empyrus. I never saw him, but he really deserves that!! And his name is just looking better than yours, thats another big plus. But I appreciate how comfortable you are with
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