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  • Blood Bowl 2

    The game just released a yesterday and I was wondering how many TAW members has it. I was thinking of starting a league provided we find enough people.
  • Re: Star Citizen is tier 2 now

    Sorry left out when the mandatory is. Our mandatory is on Sunday's at 3 PM EDT / 9PM CET / Friday 12 PM AEST
    Posted to Star Citizen (Forum) by zenmire on 13/09/2015
  • Star Citizen is tier 2 now

    Greeting TAW Star Citizen is officially tier 2. Which means we can accept internal transfers. Since we are still in pre-alpha, and the expected release date is sometime in 2016 I wanted to give a status update of what game features are in game now, and what planed in the near future. Currently we have arena commander and social module. First person
    Posted to Star Citizen (Forum) by zenmire on 13/09/2015
  • Star Citizen what ships do you have?

    Hello Star Citizens We started a document to track what ships everyone owns. So click the first link and then fill out the form. After that click on second link to see what ships your friends have. Thank you all and I will see you all around the verse. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1cQZqvTXEKGmWP8ojcErR0ZOy7Jzfmhmh3ThyfWnQGaE/viewform . To see what
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