• TAW Shop: July Madness!

    Guys, not only the King Gaben drops amazing discounts these days, but also the Shop! So how about you use one of the amazing swag discounts we got ready for you! US Shop PROMO: 20 % off Everything in TAW Shop WHEN: July 3 - July 5 When buying on marketplace on 4th of July use code: JUL4 for the same discount PROMO: FREE SHIPPING WHEN: July 6 - July
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  • TAW Shop: Updates, thanks and sweet discounts!

    If you think that things in OPS are an unknown to you and that we are people there are at their TAW-retirement, just grab a drink and let me take you on a little journey :) Our Shop evolved over the past year in ways that were unimaginable before.Thanks to a tremendous effort put into it by Rekon it was restructured, redesigned and generated significant
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  • Re: Wow, awesome TAW bio!

    [quote user="Rekon"] I've heard that cat in the background whining, and had some of the most interesting debates in my life with this man. [/quote] From Rekon 's bio: [quote user="Rekon's bio"]I am considered legally deaf with 90% hearing loss due to Meniere's Disease[/quote] Rekon was actually talking to my cat,
  • Wow, awesome TAW bio!

    Hi all, I figured I'll start a thread about the TAW members who have memorable bios filled in. Why? Because that allows us to get to know each other on a 'next level'. It's kind of my idea to promote the people you know described themselves in an intriguing way and you wish others should to learn about them. And to motivate others to
  • Shop: 15% OFF tank tops & free shipping!

    If you didn't buy any GIVE 5 swag , this is a perfect moment to do it! It's absolutely exciting to share with you the details about the two promotions starting right now! Yes, you heard that right! TWO PROMOTIONS ! PROMO: 15 % OFF on tank tops WHEN: June 1 - 31 CODE : TANKTOP18 PROMO: FREE SHIPPING WHEN: June 1 - 4 CODE : SENDIT So let me just
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  • TAW Shop: 15% OFF Everything this week!

    As we are half-way through the Give 5 event , we would like to remind you that you can also donate through purchases of awesome TAW Swag! And we spice it up with some awesome discounts! PROMO: 15 % off Everything in TAW Shop WHEN: May 15 - 20 (NA) | May 15 - 17 (EU) CODE : FAB15 So consider our Give 5 donation swag that you can buy: If you buy any Give
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  • Re: Give 5 Fundraiser Live in TAW Shop

    Well, this time I couldn't stop myself and also got a nice shiny piece of swag :) £23.88 hurt a bit but, hell! Give 5, y'all! :)
  • TAW Shop: A limited-time discount between our construction!

    As we mentioned in our previous post , the TAW Shop is undergoing some serious maintenance in order to make it more easy and friendly for you all. Because the amount of work exceeded our expectations we put it on hold. The reason for it is: There is a very short promo coming up and it's great! So please stay up to date with our progress in Rekon's
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  • Shop: Customize your shirt and get 15% OFF!

    While in many places it's not yet noticeable, march is actually coming! And with march comes the time we all love: we put our winter coats back to wardrobes and take out our favourite T-shirts. But what if I tell you that you can prepare yourself for the warm days and save some money at the same time? At this break of February and March you can
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  • Celebrate your love with TAW goodies!

    The day when we celebrate love and affection towards those who are the dearest to us is nearly here. We did our best to get you some amazing Valentine's Day swag ahead of time but we know how it is - things get out of hand sometimes and you could've forgot. But this year we come to save you :) With Spreadshirt Marketplace you can customize your
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