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  • Re: First FC5 event - grade the map!

    The event was finished and we graded 50 maps. Loads of fun. Hopefully new gamemodes like Domination and Capture the Flag arrive soon, so we can rediscover these maps again in different modes. See attached the details. 0358.FC5 map database.pdf
    Posted to Far Cry 3 (Forum) by Sharky on 12.08.2018
  • Re: hello!

    Welcome to TAW ! Hope you enjoy your stay with us.
    Posted to War Thunder (Forum) by Sharky on 28.07.2018
  • First FC5 event - grade the map!

    As of upcoming Sunday the "TAW testing ground" is opened for business. During several consecutively TAW / FC trainings - a selection of 50 handpicked Far Cry 5 maps - will be played, judged and graded. Only the best user made maps will survive the critical views from our 5 TAW judges. (scoring 1-10, where 1 is bad and 10 is sublime ) When
    Posted to Far Cry 3 (Forum) by Sharky on 20.07.2018
  • Update of situation of Far Cry 5

    For all those within TAW that bought FC5 short after release, played it and then moved on, or just interested in general. Here is update where this game is right now. As someone who experienced first-hand both the launch & post-launches of 4 Far Cry installments in a row (from FC2 till FC5) I must say that Ubisoft definitely changed their ways with
    Posted to Far Cry 3 (Forum) by Sharky on 10.07.2018
  • Re: First TAW FC5 maps!

    My Vietnam map was featured in clip from Youtuber. Gives some idea how it playes and looks
    Posted to Far Cry 3 (Forum) by Sharky on 19.06.2018
  • Re: Need your help to find us recruits

    Cool website, just created accounted and votes.
  • Re: First TAW FC5 maps!

    With the launch of the first DLC - Darkest Hours during in Vietnam Wars. This warrants a new map for this theme. "TAW_Hill 875 Vietnam" Big map with two bases, connected by rope bridge and right upper corner a Vietnam jungle village. In highly fortified base 1 the GI try to control the map Other side of the bridge there is opposite base (NVA
    Posted to Far Cry 3 (Forum) by Sharky on 08.06.2018
  • First TAW FC5 maps!

    The Far Cry division is busy building all sort of awesome FC5 maps. Like mine below :) Check them out if you have the game in Arcade (it's a TDM map).
    Posted to Far Cry 3 (Forum) by Sharky on 28.05.2018
  • Division medal - Far Cry division a decade + in TAW

    With pride I state that CiC have awarded the Far Cry division a very special Award (as a unit) For its long lasting history in TAW, and for all it has contributed and achieved within TAW in these 10 years. (FC unit was founded in March 2004 - way before my time) Congratz to all the current members! but also to many former members of the FC division
    Posted to Far Cry 3 (Forum) by Sharky on 07.05.2018
  • Re: So I made a map, how do I get to play it?

    I made a forum post on the Ubisoft forums which all combined suggestions for future improvements. Would appreciate some so it get some more traction/attention from devs. Thanks!
    Posted to Far Cry 3 (Forum) by Sharky on 04.05.2018
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