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  • Re: Some WT recordings

    This was from a couple years ago. But it was my best game, albeit in an OP tank.
    Posted to War Thunder (Forum) by Kumacho on 08.11.2017
  • Re: This is what we know about Far Cry 5

    Sadly, the video isn't available in the US. I found it for us in the US. Doesn't look like a Copy/Paste of FC 4 to me. While I suspect the gameplay will be similar, all the trailers show a significant amount of change.
    Posted to Far Cry 3 (Forum) by Kumacho on 30.10.2017
  • Re: Old new guy.

    Thanks everyone. I hit the decks running last night with getting my invitation, doing boot with my DI and doing my first Mandatory.
  • Old new guy.

    Hi there, I am Kumacho, this has been my online gaming nom de plume for over 3 decades and I have been online gaming for over 4 decades (hint I am 60 years old). I alpha tested Planetside (the original) and was in the CBT of Planetside 2. I've been in more Alpha and Beta tests than I can shake a stick at and was a GM in the original Everquest. I
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